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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Chandelier Centerpieces | Beautiful, Reusable Bling for Weddings and Events
Chandelier Centerpieces | Beautiful, Reusable Bling for Weddings and Events

Chandelier Centerpieces | Beautiful, Reusable Bling for Weddings and Events

Two of the things that make a professional event designer such a great investment are their knowledge and their “stuff.” By stuff, we mean that every great event designer owns a stash of high impact, high quality decor staples that can be customized to give you the most value for your budget.

We like to think that our Chandeliers and vases are among the most versatile pieces that event designers keep in their repertoires (and warehouses). Our chandeliers always add sparkle and drama, whether suspended from the ceiling or hanging over Vases to create stunning centerpieces. The limit for using them truly is your imagination.

In the main photo, we love this pretty aisle created with chandeliers, dramatic lighting and a gorgeous color scheme complete with coordinated rose balls and petals. In the 2nd photo, a gorgeous floral arrangement sits atop this chandelier for a totally different look using the same basic chandelier with different accessories.

We’re big fans of elevated centerpieces (3rd photo) ~ this room view shows how chandeliers add height and sparkle without obstructing guests’ view or conversation. And the centerpiece in the 4th photo is defined by elegant simplicity using a riser, chandelier, and floral arrangement surrounded by tea lights.

If you prefer to not bother with matching a vase or riser with a chandelier, choose from our pre-matched, Centerpiece Kits. These table chandelier kits come with a riser and a chandelier. Add lights and/or flowers if you'd like and when your event is over, you can hang the chandelier or reuse it on another vase!

With all of these possibilities ~ and who knows how many more ~ our centerpiece basics are the little black dress of event design. It is no wonder that event designers keep them on hand ~ they are an affordable way to customize any event and to offer you the most value for your design dollar.

For DIY hints, see our Video Tutorial for more information about how to combine key staple pieces like chandeliers, risers, lighting and vases to create stunning centerpieces.

We’d love to see what you’ve done with our chandeliers and vases ~ shoot us a picture to, and you might just see your work featured here.
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