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Retail Store Decor|Maximize Your Space with Backdrops & Overhead Lighting

Retail Store Decor|Maximize Your Space with Backdrops & Overhead Lighting

Pretty things catch my eye when I'm out and about, and sometimes I can't help but take their pictures. This post is dedicated to the iPhone photography that I've done lately to capture SWT Decor where it lives... And often that's in chic boutiques, shops, and restaurants.

This Michael Kors store maximizes metal chain curtains as a backdrop for a collection of designer handbags. Completing a shimmering facade, the Metal Chain Curtains reflect the available light, showcase the merchandise, and are easily packed away for future displays if your windows are often changing. Order them in any length to fit your display space.

Need a great alternative on a more modest budget? Our string curtains are another great display backdrop, and they are super affordable and available in a variety of colors.

A statement chandelier can really highlight a product display without overpowering the merchandise. We saw this stunning silver chandelier in Chocolate World (you're a little jealous, aren't you?), and we couldn't help but think of ShopWildThings chandeliers. Whether you need a huge Silver Chandelier, a longer Tiered Chandelier, or a chandelier that is tall, silver, and handsome, we have what you need to make your displays stand out.

It's no secret that luxury brands are the kings and queens of fabulous displays, and Kiehl's fine skincare line is perfectly complemented by this pretty chandelier. We love the touch of class and elegance that the lighting adds to the store. In fact, we have a huge selection of chandeliers that is just waiting to be installed where they can draw passersby into your shop.

Finally, just this week we met up with some girlfriends in a popular new cafˇ, and we had barely sat down when we spied this gorgeous metal orb chandelier. On trend with staying power is our favorite flavor, and this rustic-meets-chic fixture certainly qualifies. It was a little too busy in the cafˇ for us to capture the entire eatery, but there were perhaps a dozen of this fabulous chandelier throughout the restaurant. They also pair well with antique filament "Edison Style" Fixtures for a vintage look.

Whether you are looking for a single high impact fixture or to redo all of the lighting in your shop or display, we carry just what you need to add elegant lighting to your retail location.

Know your shop needs to dial up its presentation but not sure how best to do that? Call our friendly customer service folks at 928-855-6075, and they can help you find just the right fixtures for your needs. They work right in our gigantic Arizona warehouse, and they are super familiar with our products. In fact, they can go grab what they need right off our shelves and answer your questions in real time. Once you've installed ShopWildThings lighting and Decor in your shop, we'd love to see your iPhone shots. And we just drool over before and after photographs!
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