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High Impact, Sustainable Fall Decor

High Impact, Sustainable Fall Decor

It's our favorite season (unless Christmas is a season), and we're all about fall Decor that transforms the homestead (well, all .5 acres of it in our case) while keeping things tasteful and sustainable with a side of fabulous.

Here is our roundup of the best ideas that we're seeing for combining classic natural elements like pumpkins and Indian corn with reusable, flexible core Decor pieces like lanterns, Candlesticks, cake plates and flameless candles for gorgeous fall Decor that you can transition into the next season and use in different ways for years to come.

An upscale rustic mantle display combines natural elements like pears and pumpkins (get out that spray paint, y'all) with Decor staples (cake stand, garland, pennants) for a classic fall scene that we just adore. Almost everything in this display is reusable from year to year, and much of it would easily transition to another area as you Decorate for Christmas.

For a touch that is current and classic, invest in Candle Holders that you love enough to use from year to year, and complement them with metallic (again, spray painted) pumpkins for a look that is on trend right now.

Or combine white pumpkins with a few metallic painted ones on a tiered stand for a look that is layered and elegant with no wasted space or budget. (Who can't find fifteen uses for a tiered stand throughout the fall and winter entertaining season? And ours are soooooo easy to spray paint from season to season.)

If you want to get our attention, using repurposed window frames as a setting for a vignette featuring burlap, lanterns, and flameless candles is pretty much a sure route to making our heads swivel. (You really can't beat flameless candles for safety and year round candlelight.) We love the mix of a few glass pumpkins with a few of the real McCoy(s), too.

And of course, if you can combine the romance of lighted willow branches with pumpkins and lanterns, well... You had us at sustainable gorgeous candlelit design.

Need something quick, inexpensive, and easy to put together? A cylinder vase filled with seasonal goodies is tough to beat, and it looks great to boot. Fill with mini pumpkins, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, flameless candles, and you can go from Halloween through the new year and beyond. In the spring, switch to lemons and carry on.

We would love to see your best fall design ideas, and bonus points if they incorporate reusable/sustainable pieces.

If you need a tiny bit of help getting your ideas from your head to an actual fall display, give our friendly customer service folks a shout. They are working out of our (huge) warehouse, so they know our products, availability, and shipping times and get a huge kick out of helping real, live customers realize their creative visions. 1-928-855-6075 is your route to the friendliest CSRs in the event Decor industry.
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