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Professional Event Designer Tips On Lux Showers & Parties

Professional Event Designer Tips On Lux Showers & Parties

Disney Themed Showers Showcase Flowering Trees, Landscape Walls, and Dessert Bars

In real life, you had us at dessert bar ~ one of the most fabulous trends ever to hit high end events. In the main photo, this baby shower’s Disney theme would work just as well for a little girl’s dream birthday party, and best of all, the building blocks are staples in luxury weddings and events, so you can use them weekend after weekend all year long.

Opening up new design possibilities and new event time frames for your business, luxury gender reveals, baby showers, and children’s birthday parties are a growth opportunity for your creativity and your bottom line.

In this lovely petal pink setting, the Flowering Tree anchors a gorgeous design that also features landscape and Floral Wall Sections. Our cake stands come in a variety of finishes and work well in matching sets or in complementary combinations.

Use these high quality event staple pieces as the core of your next top selling wedding setup, and reconfigure them for baby showers and birthday parties for additional event opportunities that have no off season.

We can usually make the best case for our products with pictures and in the 2nd photo, this woodland wonderland is a great example. Using the same Greenery Wall seen in other images, this dessert bar is equally suited to a baby girl, a baby boy, or a surprise little one, and the effect is completely custom and unique, while the décor building blocks are common to so many luxury events.

Gold Metallics and Greenery Delight at Modern Baby Showers

Whether you’re looking for chic or cute, gold and green are gender neutral options that translate well into a variety of shower themes.

As in the 3rd photo, we can’t get enough of this sophisticated option, with a metal frame and greenery showcasing the new arrival’s perfect name. The gold cake stands pick up the reflective gold name plate, and the overall effect is just beyond.

Once again, using reusable greenery and décor staple pieces that are appropriate for a variety of events, professional event designers maximize their value to clients while providing a level of event commonly reserved for luxury weddings.

Using comparable staple pieces to achieve a completely different effect (4th photo), this modern spin on a Noah’s arc theme levels up the traditional baby shower. The faux landscape wall is an ideal way to camouflage any unsightly venue features while focusing attention on the little one’s name, and our huge in stock selection of gold cake stands and vases makes adding tiered dessert options and florals a snap.

The professional event design industry is competitive, and we love helping our clients get and keep a competitive advantage by staying at the leading edge of top trends in luxury events. To do that, we travel the globe to source and stock the very best quality products at competitive prices, with top notch customer service to back them up.

When you work with us, you access the expertise of our knowledgeable staff and the commitment of a family business whose owners know what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Wondering why you see so many of our products across the Insta feeds of the biggest names in the wedding and event industry? Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you how top quality products, awesome service, and quick, reliable shipping will make your business run better, more profitably, and with fewer headaches across the board.
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