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We have been loving on our customers since 1989. See what they say. We are a five star operation and have a very large following.

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BobinAlabama ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

Beautiful, elegant product (steel beaded curtain) cut to the exact width that I ordered. Take note: Free shipping is not available on "custom" ordered products - anything that is cut to a particular size, rather than regular stock inventory. However, nowhere on the web site could I find any mention of this fact. Shipping was prompt, and I appreciate that the merchant sent a follow-up email to ensure that I was happy with the product.

Kathleen W. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I bought beaded curtains and I love them! They look perfect in my Bohemian style home and I have had many compliments on them. Response 08/15/2019

Thank you, Kathleen for your review of the beaded curtains and also of the service by ShopWildThings. We appreciate you! We have a lot of new styles on the way in case you have more rooms needing fabulous decor :) Satisfied costumer ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

Loved the beaded columns I ordered. I then ordered a chandelier and was so expressed with the quality of my items. Everything was elegant and looked high quality. Delivery was fast also.

Stephanie C ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I love my bead curtains! I've had them for almost a year and they look fabulous! All my friends ask me where they can get them. I think I'm starting a new trend! They were so easy to hang and not only do they look amazing they also help cut down on the dust compared to curtains. Response 08/15/2019

Awww, Stephanie, we're glad that you love your ShopWildThings Beaded Curtains! We have them EVERYWHERE! We are getting a lot of new styles (and old favorites back in, too!)...we'd love to welcome you back anytime! Leighenne R ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I have bought several items from over the years and I absolutely loved everything. I bought bead curtains, chandeliers, candelabras and manzanita trees. My beaded curtains have lasted well beyond expectations and the customer service has always been amazing!

Elizabeth H ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I work for an event planning company and we have purchased items from Shop Wild Things on several different occasions. Their products and service are great! I love taking advantage of their great sales too! We'll definitely be purchasing from them in the future! Response 08/15/2019

Elizabeth, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy event schedule to write a nice review for you. We appreciate you! We have a lot of new and innovative decor on the way, too. It would be perfect for you and your team. Kathy ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

Have ordered several items from this company and have had a great experience. Had received 2 items that had been damaged in shipping and they were promptly replaced. Very wonderful customer service. Plan to order a few more things for my daughter's wedding. Everything I ordered was very good quality. Love them! Response 08/15/2019

Kathy, thank you for your review! We are sorry that you got damaged items (we think maybe items get kicked by foot across the country!) but we appreciate you mentioning that we took care of the issue right away. Can't wait to work with you again! Kathy C ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

It was easy to order and I received my order in a timely manner. Also the video they have on their site on “how to” was beyond helpful! I’ve gotten complements from everyone that has seen the bead hanging in front of my closet as this house was built in 1918 with no doors on any closets! I will order from them again and have passed their website on to others.

Janice A ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

Everything I have ordered so far is winderful. It has helped my business greating to carry good products. Response 08/15/2019

Thank you very much, Janice! We appreciate the feedback and can't wait to help you grow! Vickki J. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I was looking for a flower balls an I came across the site shop wild things. I was very impressed with the Service and product, it came in a timely matter I would keep shopping wild thing for all my future Flowers Balls. I appreciate the quality of good merchandise!, Response 08/15/2019

Thank you, Vickki! We are adding many new goodies to the site and can't wait to serve you in the future. Thank you for taking the time to review us as a company. We appreciate you! sheila y ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I loved all my flower walls that I received from this company thank you Response 08/15/2019

Thank you Sheila! We are getting NEW flower walls soon, too! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you again! DMack ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

My experience with SHOPWILDTHINGS was great! Free shipping on orders over $100! My items came earlier than expected and their beauty and quality exceeded my expectations!!! Looking to buy again next season. ***** Response 08/15/2019

Thank you, Dawn! We are very glad that you're happy with your decor and can't wait to serve you again in the future! We also appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to write a BBB review! Rene' S ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 08/13/2019

I received my order in prompt time and was pleased with the item I ordered. The string of silver beads were a gorgeous hit on the wedding table of my ostrich feathers bouquet. I would order future decorating items from Wild Things in a heartbeat! Response 08/15/2019

Rene', thank you so much! We are so glad that you're happy with your product and look forward to serving you in the future. Sharon B ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 04/17/2019

I placed an order on 4/09/19 for (3)18 inch trees and (2)14 inch trees, I received the items late on 4/17/19, open the package and I was surprised at how thin the branches on the tree were, I tried to adjust the tree and the branches just broke off. I contacted the company today and was told that they would have to pay to return, OK no problem, then I was told that they would deduct the shipping cost that it cost to send the items to me from my refund; however this company advertised free shipping with a 100.00 purchase which my order was. The customer service dept and the manger was very nonchalant, this company did not not acknowledge the broken or the poor quality of merchandise that they are selling to consumers on line. Lesson learned I will never purchase from this company again. Please beware, cheaply made products and horrible customer service. Beware! Response 08/13/2019

******, we are sorry that you are unhappy with our products and service. We have comprehensive notes in our system about our conversations with you, including that you opened only one of the items and broke it. Since the branches of this tree are made of metal, bending them would break them. When we asked for images of the product to be texted to us so that we could quickly remedy your situation and make sure that we could find a solution that would work for you, this was something that you were unwilling to do. It didn't seem that ANY solution that we offered was acceptable to you. We take every complaint AND compliment to our company seriously and work hard to ensure that every customer who comes into contact with us remembers us for our professionalism and friendliness. In the end, you were unhappy enough with us to write a negative BBB review, and that means that we failed you, no matter how you presented yourself to us. We are sorry for that and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Centerpiece "Elevate" Kit - "Quinn" on 26" Riser Katrina Clinton Township, Michigan this product is lovely, I received the order and was very pleased. This store never disappoints. 9/21/17 9:33

Beaded Real Crystals Trumpet Vase - "Prestige" - Gold 23" Katrina Cotton MI WOW!!! so beautiful this vase exceeded my expectations 9/21/17 6:42

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Sammye Houston The beaded curtains are beautiful and are quality beads. The head rail is very sturdy. I was very pleased with the ordering process and the quick shipping. 9/17/17 21:46

Diamonds Beaded Curtain - Bendable Top - Crystal Iridescent - 3 ft x 9 ft Southern Design Works Nashville Love this item!! 9/17/17 12:48

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Ashford Dark Brown" - 35 1/2" x 77" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Jack C California I used this item to give shade to the exterior of my sliding glass patio door to help with keeping the glass door cooler. Great product for the price. 9/17/17 9:03

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Tao" - 35" x 69" - 27 Strands marytherese rochester ny very nice I like it I use it to block off my not so nice basement 9/16/17 21:18

Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Crystal Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Angye Florida Perfect addition as the gateway to my clothes closet. 9/15/17 23:38

Coming Soon - Hearts Beaded Curtain - Rainbow Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Mama Texas As long as you know ahead of time that the beads could catch on items and prepare for that the beads are fun and cute for Decoration. 9/15/17 10:09

Real Feel Foam Roses 2.5" - Ivory - 100Pcs (Floating!) Kim Lake Mary, Florida The flowers look great and will be a perfect addition to our event. 9/15/17 8:41

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent - 3x9 ft Linda CA I am extremely happy with my purchase. I plan on ordering 4 more 9/15/17 0:22

Mermaid Centerpiece Floral Vase and Riser White - 38 3/4" Nona Pennsylvania Its very romantic shape and worth every penny 9/14/17 20:28

Chandelier Tiffany 4 Tier- Crystal Iridescent - 6 ft Adam New Jersey Once again and as many times before - AS ADVERTISED - perfect quality and helped us get the job done and beyond - had very happy clients! 9/14/17 14:31

Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain "Bamboo Forest" - 90 Strands Arriano San Diego, California The curtain looks really great. Easy to hang. Should be the proper size for most any doorway. 9/14/17 10:18

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Dynasty" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Joolia NYC These beads are beautiful and easy to hang and I LOVE THEM. the colors are lovely. 9/14/17 7:36

Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase - Metallic Silver & Clear - 2' Latour Vases WCSGRAN1 Flat Rock Mi The vase is attractive 9/14/17 6:52

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Ashford Dark Brown" - 35 1/2" x 77" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Josephine El Paso,Tex. I used it for the door in my living room ,everything I have is wood.It all matched out perfect.I love it. 9/14/17 6:28

Curly Glitter Spray 20" - Metallic Light Pink Delores Twin Falls, ID You get 12 thin branches per pick. So you can break them down for just about any project. I am designing a Tree for our Festival of Giving tree here in Twin Falls Idaho. All I can say is beautiful.. And you will not be disappointed. I just put it in the middle of the tree I am working on. It is beautiful 9/13/17 12:32

White Base 6" Super Bright LED Color Changing (or just White!) Light Base Rosie Greenfield, IN So far the light works well. It's fairly lightweight yet holds up well under a heavy glass ball. I wish there were more color options and that it came with a power cord...I'd be happy to pay extra for the latter. But for the price I can't complain. It's nice and bright and I like that I have the option for a single color/brightness or rotating fade. 9/13/17 12:17

Wooden Bead Curtain - Genie - Blue Center - 35.5" x 70" - 27 Strands David Texas It adds a wonderful flare to the room, and it is easy to walk through. 9/13/17 8:10

Real Feel Foam Roses 2.5" - Ivory - 100Pcs (Floating!) Juanita Porcher South Carolina Received item in time for my deadline. Satisfied customer 9/13/17 2:58

Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase - Metallic Silver & Clear - 2' Latour Vases Crowder Charleston, Ms. This piece is very pretty and at a reasonable price I love it. 9/11/17 9:58

Coming Soon - Geometric Hanging or Tabletop Terrarium & Candle Holder- Gold - 9 1/2" Tall Diamond Joy Tennessee This item was as advertised. I'm using these as centerpieces for my daughter's wedding reception and so did not want to spend a lot on each one. You can pay more for similar items, but this will do nicely for the purpose for which we intend them. 9/10/17 21:19

Diamond Beaded Valance - Iridescent - 3 Feet Wide Shirley Georgia Have not used yet but they are absolutely beautiful just what I need for wedding reception 9/10/17 8:12

Flower Ball - Silk Rose - Pomander Kissing Ball 8.5" - Red Sharese Mitchell Southfield, Michigan These flower balls are perfect for my party 9/10/17 7:47

LED Colored Disc w/Remote - Submersible - 2.75" RGB & White Lights Carie Techie Cary NC "bought these to use in the bottom of a glass vase, filled with glass marbles, topped with flowers. Looks great, especially when room lights dimmed.

In addition, found a more fun use: in the swimming pool at night. They float lights Down...which means it illuminates the pool floor and walls, and with the color cycling, looks fantastic. We use four of them in the deep end or our community pool. Lots of fun for everyone. They are pretty leak tight...have pushed them down to the bottom of a 9 foot pool, and they slowly float back up. However, one did leak and damage the circuit board. It was tight, sealed with silicone. I think there must have been a crack in the plastic somewhere. Overall, these are great lights." 9/9/17 7:02

30 Foot Long Faceted Clear Octagon Acrylic Bead Strands Jenna Massachusetts These acrylic crystals are going to be perfect for an upcoming wedding!!! 9/8/17 15:39

Bamboo Curtain Natural - Ashford - 35.5" x 78"- 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Marsha Indiana I am sick of the same old standard cloth curtains. These beaded beauties are just what I needed. U will never want a regular curtain again. They are beautiful alone or for extra privacy, like I wanted , put a sheer under them on a tension rod and you have a beautiful elegant look along with privacy. 9/8/17 12:45

Plain Bamboo Beaded Curtain 90 Strands 35" x 75-78" Karen El Paso, TX Wonderful accent to my room. This is my second one since I gave the other to my neighbor's daughter because she liked it so much! 9/8/17 12:22

Wooden Bead Curtain "California" Dark Brown - 35 1/2" x 70" - 35 strands - As Seen at Disney! John A Stoll Arroyo Grande, CA Very well made, strong cords, so much better then ones with wires in them. These are made with heavy wooden beads & heavy duty woven cords. Great Job.. 9/8/17 1:07

Willow Branches 20" w/ 60 LED Lights - Electric Plug - Brown Debbie PA. Product is perfect for a vase I wanted to light up for evening. They look beautiful @ nite. I also use a timer so they come on automatically! Prompt fast service. Definitely would use this site again.. 9/7/17 19:07

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Dynasty" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Beverly J Masek Wisconsin I love this curtain. It's very pretty & made very well & fits my door perfectly. Am very satisfied. 9/7/17 17:06

Diamond Wrap Roll, Silver, Extra Large Diamonds 4" Wide x 30' Long Patty California Lots of material will be able to do a lot with them. 9/7/17 9:56

30 Foot Long Ace of Diamonds Acrylic Crystal Bead Strands Patty California Very easy to use - connect and disconnect. I finished my project very quickly. 9/7/17 9:49

Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Blue Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Gabe McHenry, IL Beautiful pattern of blue waves looks great on my garage door. 9/7/17 8:34

Bubbles Beaded Curtain As Low As $22.99 - Glow Dark Blue - 3 ft x 6 ft Gabe McHenry, IL The curtain is absolutely beautiful. The shiny circles keep the flies out so I can leave my door open now. The only drawback was that one of the strings was detached from the top, but I was able to glue it back on. 9/7/17 8:33

Coming Soon - Diamante Duo Beaded Curtain - Champagne Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Lisa Pennsylvania Exactly as described and easy to install. Perfect for my space! 9/6/17 7:47

String Curtains - Sparkle Silver w/Tension Rod - 6.4' Long Stacey Honolulu, HI It is exactly what I was looking for. Accents our hallway well 9/6/17 3:35

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Bonita Parker Canada "Quick delivery.

Just what I needed." 9/5/17 9:21

Tall Bias Cut Glass Candle Holders - Set of 3 - Long Stem - 8", 9", 10" Charlene New Orleans, LA I ordered them for my engagement party. They made beautiful centerpieces on the tables 9/4/17 18:41

Beaded Real Crystal Round Cake Stand / Centerpiece Riser "Prestige" - Small 10" Silver Jamie Natividad Maui It enhances the beauty of anything placed on it 9/4/17 0:16

Hanging Glass & Macrame Candle Holder - 26.75" Long Chris LB, Ca "Very cute got for gift.

" 9/3/17 18:10

Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain "Bamboo Forest" - 90 Strands Chris Long Beach, Ca Very pleased. Would recommend this site 9/3/17 0:04

Tucan in Tropical Paradise Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain Chris Long Beach, Ca Very pleased with this item. Exactly what we ordered Very happy 9/3/17 0:02

Diamonds Beaded Curtain - Crystal Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Kathy Riverside, California Whatcha see is whatcha get. Our closet doorway is 2 ft wide and the curtain is 3 ft wide. After watching the videos I was able to shorten the width and place beads closer together. The curtain fit perfectly and beads do not tangle. I purchased the curtain for little girls' room and they loved it! So happy with my purchase. 9/2/17 16:24

Real Crystal Beaded Card, Money Donation Box - Silver "Prestige" - 13 3/8" MPDESIGN Rochester, NY Totally amazed, simply Beautiful! 9/2/17 4:38

Wooden & Bamboo Bead Curtain - Luca - 35.5" x 70" - 27 Strands Inga Reeves Springboro, Ohio The unpacking was a breeze. Easy to install. Great description. 8/31/17 16:59

Remote Control for Paper Lantern Lights Susan Lowman, Idaho Ordered two remotes, just because a lot was riding on their operating without a hitch. They worked fine. Remember to pull the antenna to full length. 8/31/17 9:00

Lantern Lighting - Remote Control Compatible Susan Lowman, Idaho Needed to light several Chinese paper lanterns used in a tent for a wedding reception. Tried tea lights, gave up on them almost immediately! Googled lighting for paper lanterns and found these LED lights. Ordered a few, then ended up ordering more when I saw the lighting effect. LEDs are bright when turned on outside the paper lanterns, but they provide soft, distinctive and adequate lighting when attached inside the lanterns. I used white, lavender, and dark purple lanterns in my lighting scheme. 8/31/17 8:57

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Dynasty" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Karenya Boise Four stars instead of five because it did not provide the coverage as shown in the picture. 8/31/17 8:41

Coming Soon - Stars & Moons Beaded Curtain - Rainbow Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Bonnie Adkins Arkansas Love the beads! Like going back to the 60's. Perfect in my retro living room. 8/31/17 6:40

Fairy String Eiffel Vase Lights - 20 Warm White LEDs - Waterproof - 7' - Coin Battery Monet Brunson CO Since you HAVE TO buy 6 at a time, we got 6, and tested every one of them. No labeling on the outside. Lights are bright enough. 8/31/17 0:12

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent - 3x9 ft Richard S New York, NY As a New Yorker, we sometimes are challenged with a good view outside of our windows. Although most of my apartment looks out over the rooftops of Chelsea, my office faces a rather uninspiring view of a light well. My solution was to layer two Diamond Beaded Curtains over my window. The effect is truly beautiful. It has light, movement and gives me something interesting to look at. The YouTube videos showed me how to fit my curtains exactly into the space giving me a look that's tailored to my window. I'm really happy with the outcome and quality of my new purchase. 8/30/17 9:27

Clearance - Broadway Beaded Curtain - Metallic Silver - 3 ft x 6 ft Kathy Seattle Bead curtain was gorgeous, packed well, arrived promptly. This is the second purchase and there will be more! 8/30/17 8:33

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Tiffany Smith Pembroke Pines Fl Shipping was fast and it added the touch I was looking to add in my daughter room. 8/27/17 18:31

Bamboo Painted Curtain Panda Scene Door Beads Jennifer Barfield North Carolina I can hang quickly, it was just what I ordered and my grand kids love it! 8/27/17 14:55

Room in a Box - "Fairytale" Pony and Purple Fountain - 3pcs Noreen Philadelphia Thank you for making my 9yr old daughter extremely happy! We received the room in a box and hung it all up in the matter of minutes! So easy to hang and it put the finishing touches on her new bedroom. We love it. Thanks for these great products! 8/27/17 13:15

Stars & Moons Beaded Curtain - Rainbow Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Carolyn Connecticut This store lives up to their promise; the beads look beautiful in my closet doorway! I was very pleased with the ordering and delivering process. 8/27/17 10:56

Coming Soon - Hearts Beaded Curtain - Pink Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Carla texas It was as described in every way. Note, hooks are not included. Yes I would buy again if needed it was for my granddaughter and she loves it. 8/27/17 10:53

Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Crystal Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Joe Jacksonville, Fl ...goes up easy and is very quiet and tangle resistant when passing through it. I like it a lot! 8/26/17 6:59

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Tao" - 35" x 69" - 27 Strands Jeannie Ca Love it 8/25/17 20:26

String Curtains - Sparkle Silver w/Tension Rod - 6.4' Long Sheila Florida Just a little accent with my charcoal gray drapes, gave it the Wow factor it needed. 8/25/17 14:54

Plumeria Garland "Wanika" Extra-Full 74" - Blue Margie Dillon, Montana This is a most realistic flower garland that is beautiful on my husbands headstone. Keeps memories alive of all the winters we spent together in Hawaii. 8/25/17 12:17

CLEARANCE! Glass Garland Streamer Shiny Heart - Silver 22" Jamie Midland, Texas These are fragile, but I love them! 8/25/17 9:20

Artificial Green Velvet Succulent - 10" Jean Peck,Id perfect for my pea gravel landscaping bed; just the right pop of green AND deerproof 8/24/17 20:14

K9 Crystal Premium Beaded Garland Strand - 1/2" Beads - Set of 5 - 16 Feet Total R.C. San Jose, CA The quality exceed my expectations. I was not expecting such a good quality for the price I paid, but I was very pleased when I open my package and saw the beautiful crystals. 8/24/17 16:31

Diamonds Beaded Curtain w/Satin Rod Pocket - Crystal Iridescent Over 6' Donna Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Pleasantly surprised about how well these are made. Used them as closet doors in my daughters room. Hung them up with a tension rod and they are perfect. So happy with the purchase. Shipping is expensive, but shipping is always expensive:) 8/24/17 4:04

LED Light Saucer - WARM WHITE - 23 LED's, Cordless with Remote Control Jack Panama City Beach, Florida Really added the POP we were looking for. Easy to put together and use. 8/24/17 1:28

Metal Candle Tree (SILVER) W/ Clear Beads - 7 cups 57" Tall Karen Zampelli Akron, OH Very cute addition 8/23/17 15:10

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Dynasty" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Marsha Indiana Fast shipping plus high quality product. These beautiful curtains would look great in any home. They add a special , unique touch to any room or style. I go in the room just to look at them several times a day. That's how pretty they are. 8/23/17 14:49

Nassa Shells Beaded Curtain - Natural Colors Marsha Indiana I am remodeling my whole house, and of everything I've done these gorgeous shell curtains make me the most happy. The add something unique that I don't see anywhere else. I love the unexpected, and these curtains are definitely that. They make everyone gasp when they see them. I love love love them and never see myself getting tired of them. They are the perfect thing for being able to see out your window but providing privacy also. 8/23/17 13:57

String Curtains - Sparkle White w/Tension Rod Marilyn Orlando,Florida high quality product arrived quickly in perfect shape. Used as an accent on a bathroom window, made it look like a spa! 8/23/17 7:54

Chandelier Decoration "Spangles & Crystals" - Silver Lora NC OMG, the Spangles & Crystals - Silver is absolutely gorgeous. It will make a beautiful & dramatic statement on my table. I plan to order a second in the next couple of weeks. 8/20/17 15:07

Wooden Bead Curtain "California" Dark Brown - 35 1/2" x 70" - 35 strands - As Seen at Disney! Mandi AZ The beaded curtains are well made and fit well into our home Decor, the amount I bought were a perfect fit to separate the living room from the kitchen/dining area 8/20/17 1:11

Coming Soon - Cinderella Princess Carriage Centerpiece & Card Holder Gold 13 1/2" x 7 1/4" x 12" Patticakes1 Chicago, Il This far exceeded my expectations. The price was Amazing , and this will be a perfect center piece for my future daughter in laws Disney princess wedding Shower. 8/20/17 0:15

Diamond Wrap Rolls Silver - 4" Wide x 30 ft Long! Trimmable! Irene Brooklyn, NY Simply fabulous. Reasonably priced . Used it to cover my cake stand. 8/19/17 21:59

Roll of Beads 33 Yards (99 ft)- Diamonds Crystal Iridescent Irene Brooklyn, NY Worth the price. I used it to create a cake stand that looks like a chandelier. Can't wait to use it for the 70th birthday party. 8/19/17 21:54

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent - 3x9 ft Annette Colorado easy to install 8/18/17 20:56

Wooden Bead Curtain - "River" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Nancy FL I LOVE it! Easy to install, I had to shorten the one to fit the opening. The pattern fit perfectly and it looks great. Thank you so much! 8/18/17 6:21

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Dynasty" - 35" x 78" - 52 Strands (Extra Coverage) Malo Newtown, PA It is so pretty and light so when we go through it feels good to touch. I like hearing the sound it makes when my cat walk underneath. 8/18/17 2:22

Coming Soon - Stars & Moons Beaded Curtain - White - 3 ft x 6 ft Karen Blackwell, OK Just what I wanted. Replaced a old one that was no longer white. Would recommend this seller to anyone. 8/17/17 7:39

Bamboo Painted Curtain Blue Bamboo Scene Mary Lou Kelowna, BC Canada The entire experience was awesome, from finding it on the internet after searching for "bamboo curtain" , the selection, the great communication and then the great product. 8/16/17 16:10

Clearance - LED Light Strand - Blue Feathers - 20 Lights, 86" Long - Battery Operated Joanne New Jersey Price was excellent. I ordered these lights for table on outdoor Birthday party. My granddaughter loved them and took them for her room. She loves them. 8/16/17 3:11

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Joanne Downey New Jersey Delivery . Packaging and delivery notices were all five star as well as the product. I would definitely order from this company again. 8/16/17 3:05

Tree in Pot, 4 Feet Tall - Gold - Bendable Ashley Pittsburgh, PA These 4 foot gold trees arrived exactly as shown in the picture with incredibly secure packaging! Its true that you can bend these branches, but be careful and slow the first few times because they are a little stiff in the beginning. I purchased 12 of them for wedding centerpieces and hung crystals from them. They were absolutely gorgeous! By the way, I hunted these down on every website including Amazon and this was the cheapest price! 8/14/17 8:10

Hoops Beaded Curtain - Blue & Lime - 3 ft x 6 ft Donna Seattle, Washington This was perfect for my 60s Mod Party! And it came in Seahawks colors so I can use it all football season. 8/14/17 0:14

Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain "Nalani" - 90 Strands Susan North Carolina Everything was easy from ordering online, knowing exactly when it would be delivered, and instructions to hang up in our outdoor tiki bar!! The painted bamboo beads were so unique and the perfect addition to our outdoor tiki bar!!! We absolutely love the palm tree, hammock,and water scene, and the hanging bead door way made our backyard tiki bar complete! Can't wait to have friends and family over to show it off!!! 8/13/17 12:37

Coming Soon - Real Feel Flower Ball - Foam Rose - Pomander Kissing Ball - 13" Red Cece St. Louis, Mo Beautiful large kissing balls...Looked amazing on dessert table 8/12/17 22:09

Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Mardi Gras Colors - 3 ft x 6 ft Rod 67217 Looks great and fast delivery. Thanks. 8/12/17 21:32

Crystal Hanging Prism, Glass - Crystal Strand 6.5" - "Kiera" Set of 12 - Clear Bonita Parker scarborough Shipped quickly. 8/11/17 18:12

Flower Wall 19" x 25 1/2" Premium Silk Roses & Hydrangeas - Ivory Jenna Massachusetts Shipping was Excellent!!! Flower Wall worked amazing for what we needed!! 8/11/17 14:35

Dessert Stand - Acrylic "Elevation" 28" Tall - 5 Tiers Jenny CO I thought I was ordering a stand with LED lights and received just a stand. So not happy that wasn't as pictured. I even tried to go back and see if the lights are part of the selection options and its not there. Otherwise it will work and I will just get some LEDs elsewhere. Fast shipping and not a bad price (although if I would have known it didn't come with the lights I could have gotten one cheaper) 8/11/17 13:52

Ballchain Faux Metal Bendable Top Beaded Curtains - Steel - 34.5 in x 9 ft Christy Charlotte, N.C I hung my beaded curtains in my salon and my clients love them!!!! 8/11/17 1:01

Diamond Wrap Roll, Silver, Extra Large Diamonds 4" Wide x 30' Long Jannerys Montes Paterson I love it this item is terrific to use for centerpieces on weddings 8/10/17 19:47

Mini Pop Beaded Curtain - Orange N' Red - 3 ft x 6 ft Brittany Michigan My daughter wanted a beaded door way to her closet. The colors matched beautifully and the quality of the rod and beads were above my expectations for a $20 item. I would purchase from here again 8/10/17 9:00

Big Teardrops Beaded Curtain - Crystal Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft christopher grunstra New Jersey Love love 8/10/17 8:36

Plain Bamboo Beaded Curtain 90 Strands 35" x 75-78" Shae Atlanta, Ga Love them,brings back my childhood...we had these when I was a little girl 8/10/17 7:59

Cinderella Princess Carriage 16" x 7 1/2" x 15 1/2" - Centerpiece, Card Holder Marilyn Michigan The product itself was outstanding! Quality, size and everything about it was great. It is being considered as centerpieces for my granddaughter's wedding. The only drawback was that it cost as much t to ship as the item itself. 8/10/17 7:15

Candle Holder - Cylinder Beaded Real Crystal - "Prestige" - Crystal Gem Pillar - 6" Silver Alina Miami, FL I'm very happy with the whole experience, and the candle holder is prettier in person.. 8/10/17 7:03

Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain "Pier Curtain" - 90 Strands Megan Annapolis, MD This beaded curtain was perfect for my doorway. 8/10/17 5:06

Chandelier Gypsy Multicolor - Large 6 Lights - With Plug Joe Montana This chandelier is well made and colorful. It looks great in our fairy house shed! 8/9/17 22:42

Ice Pop Beaded Curtain - Browns Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Carol Tampa I have them hanging in the entrance to my kitchen, and can be seen from several vantage points. The colors blend so well with the rest of my Decor and they sparkle with quiet elegance. 8/9/17 5:20

Geometric Pentagon Terrarium & Candle Holder - Gold - 4 3/4" Valarie Garrin Dallas, TX Came exactly as expected, no breakage. Perfect for the wedding! 8/9/17 3:54

Canopy - "Dreamy" Mosquito Net Bed Canopy - Black Sanny Atwater, California I was given this as a present like three years ago and it's been hanging in my room above my bed amazingly well. I only use it for Decoration purposes but it's had to put up with a lot of movement like me taking it off and and putting it back on. Or having to screw the nail somewhere else and it shelf on pretty well. The net itself was kinda of heavy, but you know what? The nail kept it up so well. It's only fell down on me like twice during these three years and one of them was because my niece tugged at it. Overall I'm definitely buying this again as it just recently ripped on me while I was taking it down ;-; 8/9/17 1:49

Centerpiece Riser - "Lomey Column" - 30" Tall (Use to Elevate Your Displays!) Upeksha Virginia Beach, VA Very easy to set up. I used this to make wedding floral centerpiece for a wedding and extremely happy with the purchase. 8/8/17 18:17

Artificial Echeveria Nurnberg Succulent - 9" Green Jean Peck,ID These were the perfect finishing touch on a section of my landscaping project; just the right POP of color in my bed of pea gravel. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived. 8/7/17 19:12

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Ronda Georgia "Fast service, shipping and just what I expected. It hangs perfectly. I used it for my closet as a door

" 8/7/17 9:34

Frost Circles Beaded Curtain - Matte Silver - 3 ft x 7.5 ft Sherrie Chicago, IL I was a bit worried about how this would look but right when I opened the box I knew it was going to be amazing! This curtain is very well made and it will add a classy designer look to even the most plain spaces. I'm thrilled I got this and I've been receiving compliments from everyone that sees it. Buy it! It's worth the price. 8/6/17 8:55

Flower Garland - Silk Rose - 8' - Purple sally appleton, wi product was delivered very promptly. prettier than the on-line photos. both flowers and foliage look realistic and lovely. be sure to lightly press the leaves and fluff the flowers. 8/5/17 10:05

Real Glass Crystals "Vinca" Beaded Hanging Garland - Iridescent Octagons - 40" Strands Jeanine Atlanta Just as they describe. They actually are quite big, so look at the size of the bead. Quick shipping. 8/5/17 8:20

Diamonds Blue Beaded Curtain - CSI Miami Susan King-Love Pennsylvania This beaded curtain looks lovely in my kitchen entrance! 8/5/17 7:20

Bamboo Painted Curtain Lighthouse Beach Scene Door Beads Rick Shelbyville, IN 46176, USA Love it !! 8/5/17 5:16

Coming Soon - Wooden Bead Curtain "Breezy" - 35 1/2" x 72" - 26 Strands Rhonda Los Angeles, CA This curtain makes a unique statement and is well made. 8/4/17 16:31

Assorted Foliage Vertical Landscape Wall Mat - 40" Square (Indoor/Outdoor UV) Ann Florida Our kitchen window looked into a little outside courtyard with a blank wall. I mulled over having a Mural painted there. . .and when I saw this product I knew it would be perfect. The wall is 10 feet high and 50 inches wide, so I used three panels (with one divided into strips that filled the sides and bottom wonderfully). The panels are easy to work with, divide easily and join up to form a different shape easily. Wonderful product. 8/4/17 12:10

Wooden Bead Curtain - "Ming" - 35" x 69" - 27 Strands carmen erie pa good enough 8/4/17 11:56

Artificial Echeveria Nurnberg Succulent - 9" Green Deni Central Valley, Ca. During the hot summer heat, some of my succulents didn't make it and I was able to stick these among the real ones. These are prettier. 8/4/17 10:41

Coming Soon - Roll of Beads 33 Yards (99 ft)- Little Gems, Crystal azizunnisa ali 244 E.TOKAY street lodi ca 95240 very good,.. just beautiful it shines from very far...i have also recommend these gems to my friends. 8/4/17 10:15

Ice Pop Beaded Curtain - Browns Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft Susan King-Love Pennsylvania I have the beaded curtain hanging in my doorway and they look so enchanting! 8/4/17 8:56

Circles Beaded Curtain - Silver - 3 ft x 6 ft Mary Hancock Indiana Received in a timely manner. They were exactly what I wanted and they look AWESOME! 8/4/17 6:55

Diamonds Beaded Curtains - Crystal Iridescent 6' Adrian Memphis, Tennessee Worked perfectly for what I needed. I love the fact that I can use these over and over. 8/3/17 16:29

Flower Wall 19" x 25 1/2" Premium Silk Roses & Hydrangeas - Ivory Daphne S-W Covington, GA. I am so pleased with this purchase, the quality if the floral panels are amazing. No frayed edges like you see with some silk flower. It was easy to put together, I re-enfo
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