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Rhinestone Napkin Ring Brooch "Saffire" - 1 1/2" Ring - 4Pcs

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Item Specifics
2 inches
2 1/2 inches
Item Description
When your guests first enter the room you want them to feel happy, relaxed and special so greet them with a festive table setting that's decked out down to the details! Our new Rhinestone Napkin Ring Set "Saffire" is that extra special detail that will set your table Decor apart! This set of 4 napkin ring holders is chic and sophisticated and shows your guests how special and appreciated they are!

Each napkin ring is coated with shiny round rhinestones ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" in diameter and the tasteful swirly pattern is very elegant. This is a 5-star quality napkin ring and the large brooch atop the ring is 2 1/2" in diameter with a raised center so the brooch is actually 1/2"tall! The ring is 1 1/2" in diameter so it can hold a substantial amount of material.

Use this crystal beaded rhinestone ring for napkins, chair sash embellishments or to gather and ruche table skirts or runners. It looks awesome around bridal bouquets and in floral arrangements or you can secure it with ribbon to adorn party favor bags and gift packages. This ring can also be used for clothing, scarves or to create jeweled guest towels!

From dinner parties and holiday extravaganzas to event and wedding receptions, this Shiny Rhinestone Brooch Napkin Ring Set is a simple way to convert average table settings into extraordinary works of art! Another bonus is that the attractive velvet-lined box makes this a classy gift set to share with friends and to safely store these glorious gem-encrusted rings! Large, ornate and classy - sure to make your guests feel exceptional!
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Rhinestone Napkin Ring Brooch "Saffire" - 1 1/2" Ring - 4Pcs
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