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Ribbon, Pearls & Crystal Beaded Curtain "Alea" 1'W x 6'L

Item #: 270064
Item Specifics
1 foot
6 feet
8 strands
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Item Description
Elegant Curtain "Alea" Organza Ribbon With Pearls and Crystal Iridescent Beads, 1Ft Wide by 6Ft Long Wall, Window & Doorway Décor or Head Table Backdrop

Ribbons & Pearls & Faceted Crystal Beads! What's not to love with our very elegant, very classy "Alea" Beaded Curtain! This decorative curtain is 1' wide by 6' long and has 8 strands. Strung on white organza ribbon are 1/2" wide white pearls and 1/2" wide faceted crystal beads with an iridescent coating. There is a small silver ring on either side of each gem, giving them a more pronounced look. The header rail is white and comes with 2 eyelets for instant hanging right out of the box and Alea weighs 14 oz.

For only 1 foot wide, this eye-candy curtain has a lot of charm and personality, ideal for smaller rooms and areas that can't handle the traditional 3' width. For a narrow wall or even corners, sometimes we just need a smaller curtain. Or, hang one on each side of a doorway, leaving the center clear for walking through! To fill in wider spaces, use several next to each other. The rods will line up and look like one continuous piece.

By carefully popping off the end pieces of the headrail, you can remove the inner track and use the strands as table décor. Each strand is 68" long so all strands together makes over 45'! Another glamorous look is to hang this classy curtain in front of sheers!
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Ribbon, Pearls & Crystal Beaded Curtain "Alea" 1'W x 6'L
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