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Home  >  Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom
Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom

Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom

We *may* have spent a few hours (days) cleaning out our bedroom this week, fighting the tide of laundry (clean and unclean), kids’ toys, home decor fails, and other flotsam and jetsam from our lives that just seems to accumulate in our bedroom. Did we mention the lamp that doesn’t work? Yes, that was in there, too.

Our theory as to why the room that should feel most cozy and inviting actually feels like an auxiliary laundry room is that it has a door, and after full days of working and chasing young children, frankly we’re tired when we’re in it. So, rather than spending 15 minutes at the end of the day organizing, or (gasp) even improving, our bedroom, instead we throw another pair of shoes in the corner and turn out the lights.

I’m sure that there are plenty of opportunities for therapy here, but shopping is so much more fun…

So we took a look on one of our absolute most favorite interior design sites,, and we started mental re-dos of our boudoir. And then… And really we’re pretty proud of this… We took some baby steps toward actually redoing the room.

Like buying a new duvet cover that is more about looking great than about not showing dirt from the kids’ jumping on it. (Thank you, Pottery Barn ~ for my every problem, you and Cynthia Palampore seem to have a tasteful, vaguely Asian inspired solution.)

And cleaning off the dressers (ok, starting to ~ if it involved shopping, we’d be further along on this one).

And coming up with a short list of new paint options (if you haven’t tried Sherwin Williams’ Duration paint, you have not lived… in a house with two toddlers and NO wall fingerprints).

After our exhaustive search of Houzz photographs, one of the details that we really loved was the way that a mosquito net transformed the whole look of a bedroom. We don’t know if it’s the way that they enclose the bed itself, the way that they make us imagine slight breezes and vacations, or the way that they just focus our eyes on the reason for the room (the bed, y’all). But they add a certain je ne sais quoi that we want in our lives. To replace our je sais we shouldn’t keep putting that there. You know?

Really, when you get down to brass tacks, our actual bedroom has a lot in common with the one in the main photo. The gold walls, the pretty, diffuse light, and the dark wood furniture are all there in ours (under some stuff, but there). And yet, we would frankly rather sleep in this one, with the canopy (and without the clutter). (We’re pretty psyched that this version of mosquito netting doesn’t even require a four poster bed ~ just a hook in the ceiling. We can manage that, we’re pretty sure. And we’re not even handy.)

Stately elegance works for us as well (2nd photo). As long as there’s mosquito netting and wide expanses of carpet exposed, we’re pretty much ready to live there. The super high curtain rods are a bonus, but you had us at mosquito netting.

In the 3rd photo, how is this for a seriously clever way to hang mosquito netting without a four poster bed? Ingenuity *and* style? Yes, please. (Hint: We find that the way to motivate an engineer-husband is to show him a pic like this and then to muse aloud, “I guess that’s too hard to really do, though…”

For those of you with a DIY streak, the mosquito netting in the 4th photo has been dip dyed black ~ a do-able DIY project that adds a custom feel. Would we switch MBRs with these folks? Wait for it…

Yep. Sure would.

Finally, for those of you who already have boudoirs to dream about, one of the coolest ideas that we found while looking for bedroom redo inspiration was the one in the last photo. (Okay, by that time we might just have been searching for awesome ways to use mosquito netting…) It’s a repurposed trampoline, and we think that it would make an awesome reading and lounging spot by day, as well as an outdoor boudoir for adventurous visitors by night. (Remember, it’s called mosquito netting for a reason.)

So, feel free to check back with us on our progress. Really, we’re making some headway on our own boudoir renaissance. And we’d love to see the fabulous ways that you make your MBR, well, fabulous.
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