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Silk Rose Bouquet - Fuchsia Pink Spray - 21 1/2" - 7 Heads - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!

Item #: 144412
Item Specifics
21 1/2 inches
18 inches
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Item Description
21 1/2" Tall Silk Spray, Fuchsia Pink Rose Bouquet with 7 Heads, Full Blooms for Centerpiece Decor, Wedding & Bridal Bouquets

Waiting for the roses to bloom so you can enjoy their beautiful elegance is a thing of the past. With our new Silk Rose Bouquet you can admire these awesome flowers all day, every day! The blooms on this Fuchsia Pink Rose Bundle are full and gorgeous, ideal for a wedding bouquet, for centerpiece vases or for a garden party! There are 7 lush roses, each on their own stem but all connected to a main stem, and the hearty blooms are loaded with silk petals whose edges have a slight ruffle - just like live roses! All of the roses are fully open and they range from approximately 3" to 5" in diameter.

This bouquet is 21 1/2" tall and the colors are absolutely striking! The interior petals are a soft pink then towards the outside, the color deepens to a majestic fuchsia tone, blended with an ivory underside. The spray is complete with silk leaves which enhance the natural look. For a bridal bouquet, simply wrap the stem and if you choose, add ivory hydrangeas, ivory roses, ribbons or rhinestones! This luscious bouquet of roses is display-ready and if you use a short vase about 6" deep, the spray will spread out to a full 18". Put into a taller vase with about a 1 1/2" opening and the spray has about a 9" spread.

This large spray is very impressive and roses will always be a sophisticated, classy choice for floral arrangements. However, as extraordinary as they are, maintaining live roses is an enormous task. This bouquet will never wilt, wither, need watered and you and your pocketbook won't get needled! Whether your event is traditional, tropical, rustic or garden-themed, this colorful Rose Bouquet translates to stress-free decorating for your perfect day!
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Silk Rose Bouquet - Fuchsia Pink Spray - 21 1/2" - 7 Heads - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!
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