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Kenroy Home Aurora LED Pendant

Item #: 171002
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Item Specifics
62 inches
18 inches
adjustable length
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Item Description
Sophisticated and classy, versatile and truly unique, our White and Silver LED Tube Pendant Light makes a dramatic statement and is sure to make heads turn! This extraordinary light is 18" wide and it comes with 3, 12" extension tubes so the length can vary from 38" to 62"! It's powered by a 24W integrated LED which means the LED lamp is built-in (vs. a drop-in). The outside rim of the circles, the extension tubes and the ceiling cap are white while the sides of the circles and the swivel mechanism are matte silver.

You can use any number of extension tubes. From the bottom of the mounting canopy to the bottom of the large circle, the length with 1 tube is 38" long, 50" long with 2 tubes or 62" long with all 3 tubes. The smaller circle is 14" in diameter and it swivels horizontally inside the larger circle but that's just the beginning! What's truly interesting is that both circles swivel 180 degrees upwards! This allows for some pretty distinctive configurations! And the base of the mounting canopy also has a swivel so you can hang this light completely vertical from a flat, vaulted or angled ceiling. It's like hanging art!

This is a hard-wired chandelier and everything you need comes with this light, including the ceiling canopy, supply wires and assembly instructions. This light is UL listed, weighs 7.7 lbs. and should take approx. 5 minutes to assemble.

If you find ordinary lighting is dull and tiresome, this upscale pendant light will instantly add exquisite style and pizazz to a retail environment, nightclub, bar, restaurant, lounge or for your everyday home enjoyment!
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Kenroy Home Aurora LED Pendant
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