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Item #: 170007
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You'll fall head over heels over our new 6mm Gray Colored highly faceted sparkly acrylic diamond sticker strips. Use them to embellish invitations, to decorate candle holders, vases, and other items that need a special touch.

Each sheet has 247 diamonds total and they come in strips. In the photo you can see that there are many strips of diamonds. The diamonds are attached to each other from the left to the right. You peel the strip off and each strip has 13 pearls and is 3.25" long. To make longer strips just place them next to each other. The adhesive is already attached to the strips. Just peel and stick. We thought it was really handy that they come in strips rather than 247 diamonds individually. They are easier to place on things this way...not nearly as hard on your fingers! You get a total of 19 strips. Of course, you can cut the diamonds apart if you'd prefer to use them indivudually. These awesome stickers are also cool for decorating things at home like your computer monitor, cell phone, and more! You can even use them for scrapbooking.
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SALE ! Round Diamond Sticker Strips - Dark Gray 6mm - 247 Diamonds
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