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COMING SOON! Chandelier "The Whirl" Crystal - 9" x 9" With Light Kit

Item #: 120777251
Item Specifics
9 inches
9 inches
E12 Candelabra
Item Description
Crystal Beaded Chandelier "The Whirl" with Light Kit for Hanging or Tabletop Centerpiece Chandelier. Whitewashed Matte Black Metal Finish.

Our Whirl Chandelier has a 9" in diameter and 9" tall spiral frame, but one of the best features is that the finishing beads on each crystal strand also have a unique whirling twist! Full of charm, this chandelier weighs 2 lbs., has an 11" long hanging chain with hook and comes with a 12" long, white light cord kit with an on/off rocker switch. The socket holds a 75W max, E12 Candelabra style bulb (bulb not included).

This chandelier is totally hand-beaded and the clarity of the beads is beyond outstanding! They actually look like glass! All of the high-end acrylic beads are faceted on both sides and they're so shiny, even without a light source. The metal frame has a whitewashed matte black finish and the center of the chandelier is configured to hold the light kit or you can simply use this cutie as a hanging decoration without the kit. Please watch the video to see how to attach the light kit.

You'd prefer a table chandelier? The Whirl makes an elegant centerpiece or table lamp and is so attractive it really doesn't need a light source! Carefully remove the hanging chain and choose a Boost or Elevate Centerpiece Riser Kit which range from 14" to 39" tall. These risers are inexpensive and turn a hanging chandelier into a tabletop version! There are several ways to light this tabletop chandelier. You can put LED submersible lights in the riser kit itself and/or use LED Light Discs to up light or downlight the chandelier. The top frame is 3 1/4" in diameter and the bottom frame is 2 3/4" in diameter. Both will hold a remote controlled light disc from 2 3/4" to 4" in diameter. For a more subdued lighting effect, place a Dazzled Submersible LED Light upside down on the top frame.

The compact size makes this ideal for a small apartment, a dorm room or an office cubical. You can also use as garden Decor by hanging from a Shepherd's Hook! Hanging or Tabletop, The Whirl Chandelier is very versatile, always ritzy and totally appealing!
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COMING SOON! Chandelier "The Whirl" Crystal - 9" x 9" With Light Kit
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