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SALE! Hammered Silver Finish Glass Disc Ornament - Set of 2, 6" Diameter

Item #: 208049641
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Item Specifics
2 1/2 inches
6 inches
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Item Description
6" Hammered Silver Disc Ornament, Oversized Floral and Holiday Tree Embellishment Set of 2

These exquisite hammered silver ornaments will be those types of decorations that make you smile each time you put them out and this set of 2 will keep you smiling twice as long! Each ornament is 6" in diameter by 2 1/2" deep, so they really are an attention-getter. There is a 3" long metallic silver string for instant enchantment!

The 3rd picture shows this 6" ornament next to our identical 4.5" ornament.

Use them on everything from holiday trees to wedding trees to floral arrangements or hang in front of a window! If you need decorations that need to be seen from a distance, these silver discs are the decorations you need! If you’re a DIY crafter, how about using this shiny ornament to accent a Holiday Wreath! Since it is a disc shape rather than round, it will seat nicely against other flowers and materials while providing texture and depth. Or, imagine how cool these would look hanging on a tree outside or inside on a 6' Tall Artificial Manzanita Tree which is awesome to use throughout the year.

And don't we all love it when the 'bow' on our package is actually a gift in itself? You can even personalize these by painting on a name, monogram, symbol or your loved ones favorite sports mascot!
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SALE! Hammered Silver Finish Glass Disc Ornament - Set of 2, 6" Diameter
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