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Acrylic Arches and Gazebos Create Modern Ceremony Spaces Anywhere

Acrylic Arches and Gazebos Create Modern Ceremony Spaces Anywhere

Keyword: Flexibility

Regardless of the number of zeroes in the event budget, a modern bride is looking for value from every vendor at her wedding. Be her design hero by working your magic to create a memorable, InstaWorthy backdrop for her ceremony while staying within her financial comfort zone.

The key is to stock flexible pieces that work together in setups that you can customize and sell again and again without compromising the individual look of each event. Doing that brings down the cost of your décor investment per event while increasing both your value to your bride and your profitability. It’s an old-fashioned win-win situation built on solid business practices.

Our modern acrylic gazebo is a great example of an investment with great ROI. It ships ready to be assembled on site for your next luxury wedding, and it packs up quickly and easily for many weekends of use. The cross piece at the top comes pre-drilled with holes to accept a wide variety of live or Faux Florals, and the left and right support pieces are hollow so that you can suspend additional floral décor inside.

Check out the close ups from a recent ShopWildThings field trip to our local golf course, and you’ll see just how perfectly constructed the gazebo is for use with floral sprays (2nd photo in the cross piece at top) and suspended floral garland (3rd photo in the left and right support pieces).

Squint all you want: you’ll never be able to see the difference between our realistic faux florals and the real thing. And let’s be honest: your guests will never get as close as our photographer did.

Again, relying on faux florals where appropriate allows you to focus money on tabletop centerpieces that will get a closer inspection from guests, and on other focal points at the ceremony and reception. Spending lavishly on the gazebo florals is wonderful if the finances allows, but this is one of the first areas that we would trim to come in on budget without sacrificing the look or the overall effect of the arch. And, of course, our top quality Faux Florals are reusable, so they’re another flexible addition to your arsenal of flexible setups that sell over and over again, increasing profits with every event.

Keyword: Simplicity

If you need a two-dimensional accent for your ceremony space but don’t have room (or funds) for the gazebo, we’ve got you covered with elegant simplicity: enter the modern acrylic wedding arch (4th photo).

This option is stable, compact, easy to install, ready to accept a variety of live or faux florals, and offers enough visual impact to frame a ceremony against either a natural outdoor or a manmade indoor backdrop.

We love the combination of the sleek modern lines in the arch, the Flowing Greenery and the floral accents shown in these images. This arch balances the grandeur of the natural setting with the need to frame the wedding ceremony.

Use it outdoors as shown, or bring it inside to maximize the impact of a small ceremony space. Either way, your brides will love the chic modern structure and the romantic florals, and they’ll give you all the credit for making the most of their wedding budgets.

And for good measure, we have to show you (5th photo) the actual real time setup of our new products at a golf course near our warehouse in Arizona. Because this really happened, in our town, with our fabulous employees and our first-rate photographer. Actually, it was easy to make it happen, because these are our employees and our products from our warehouse, and we have everyone and everything we need on staff and in stock to make it happen. Because we are, after all, a real live family owned business in the U. S., and we want to prove to you that we have the best products and the best people in the wedding and event industry.

So go ahead and give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you order the products you need to refresh your warehouse or to build a high value arsenal of event décor from the ground up. We’re ready to give you advice, numbers, and a shipping time estimate ~ and that’s all that stands between you and your own legit photo shoot of your fabulous wedding gazebo.
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