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Chalkboard Signs as Thematic Element

Chalkboard Signs as Thematic Element

Chalkboard signs are one of the best design elements to come out of shabby/rustic/country chic weddings. We've seen them used to point guests in the right direction, to mark food options and as Table Markers for quite some time. This wedding documented by Aimee McAuley Photography shows how chalkboards ~ with the proper artistic flair and a little creativity ~ can transcend their role as signage and become a thematic element that unifies the many vignettes of a wedding day.

This gorgeous wedding epitomizes the modern Rustic Chic category, with clear emphasis on the chic. We adore this oversized custom chalkboard, which doubles as a background for formal images and a delightful photo booth for guests. It sets the stage for a delightful event, and is one of the first clues that guests receive about the level of detail and creativity they'll experience at this wedding. (One of the keys to well done chalkboards is the lettering ~ these are just perfect. The lettering is obviously hand done ~ by someone who has plenty of experience in the art.)

After the first kiss, guests appreciate clear instructions about every aspect of the big day, and chalkboard signs are a great way to communicate ~ in a way that is clear but not pedantic. If you look closely, you'll see the thematic elements of chalkboard signs and flameless candles repeated from the bar...

The flameless candles and paper lanterns strike just the right romantic note without overpowering the reception's natural setting. We are huge fans of large traditional lanterns like the ones anchoring the outdoor fireplace, too.

Burlap Table Linens and natural floral arrangements add just the right element to the reception tables.

What better way to end the perfect storybook wedding than with a formal photograph in front of the large custom chalkboard ~ complete with a Pennant Bunting to symbolize the knot that's just been tied...

This elegant rustic chic wedding is unified without being fussy, and refined without being pretentious. The details are just right, partly thanks to the repeated chalkboard sign elements throughout the day.

If you need help channeling your inner schoolteacher, let our chalkboard experts (okay, they know just a few other products, too) help you figure out how to get the most design impact on your budget. Give them a call at 1-928-855-6075. They will run the numbers to help you get just the right number of your favorite pieces, shipped to where you need them, right on time.
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