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Item #: 987812321
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Item Specifics
4 inches
4 1/2 inches
Item Description
Set of 3 Silver Glitter Snowflake Ornaments, 3-D Decorations for Trees, Windows, Floral Arrangements, Craft Projects and Gift Packages

These sparkling snowflake ornaments are the perfect addition to any tree, inside or out, real or artificial, Christmastime or anytime! You will receive 3 glistening snowflakes, each measuring 4 1/2" tall by 4" across and 1 1/2" deep. These snowflakes are truly gorgeous from any angle and the multiple looping layers make this 3-dimensional ornament simply spectacular! There is a 3" long metallic silver string for instant enchantment! The 3rd photo shows a star from the side so you can see how thick/generous it is.

Lavish them on everything from holiday trees to Tall Decorative Centerpiece Trees to floral arrangements or hang in front a window! Beautiful! Imagine how cool these would look hanging on a tree outside! If you’re a DIY crafter, how about using this sparkling ornament to accent a Grapevine Wreath! When viewing the side, the points on the outermost loops are on the same plane so these snowflakes can lie flat against other materials while providing color and texture.

And don't we all love it when the 'bow' on our package is actually a gift in itself? These beauties are a welcome substitute for a traditional bow and everyone will be eyeballing that package, hoping it's their name on the tag! So many uses for these shimmering adornments!
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SALE! Silver Looped 3-D Snowflake Ornaments - Set of 3 - 4 1/2"
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