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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  South Asian Weddings - Bling Therapy for the Elegant Event: Bead Curtains, Chandeliers & Beaded Accessories
South Asian Weddings - Bling Therapy for the Elegant Event: Bead Curtains, Chandeliers & Beaded Accessories

South Asian Weddings - Bling Therapy for the Elegant Event: Bead Curtains, Chandeliers & Beaded Accessories

For inspiration about truly luxurious weddings and receptions, look no further INDS Decor events. Specializing in high end South Asian weddings, INDS Decor has mastered the art of creating a unified, sumptuous, unique space for upscale event after upscale event. To do so, they use our quality bead curtains, chandeliers, and candle holders because they hold up to years of use while being so flexible that they serve as building blocks for totally custom looks, season after season and event after event.

Bead Curtains and Focal Points

We are in love with this dramatic setup that showcases the bride and groom in traditional attire. The background of bead curtains and a single chandelier is classic, flexible, and elegant enough for any wedding, and you can"t beat a custom space for the bride and groom when it comes to maximizing Decor dollars.

Also, because the wedding will feature both traditional and Western events and attire for the bride and groom, the main Decor elements must be able to make that transition as well. What better way to show how flexible our products are than to see the entire scene changed within one wedding? From the colorful image above to the elegant pastel and metallic tones , our bead curtains and chandelier continue to wow.

This closeup of the traditional ceremony shows off our bead curtains… Well, and the exchange of rings, of course. Adding sparkle on her finger with sparkle behind the couple is a pretty great way to start a new life together, surrounded by family and friends.

Bead Curtains Make Dramatic Settings for Memorable Events

We can"t do justice to the elaborateness of this wedding without a wide shot that shows more of the ceremony space. Again, our bead curtains serve to add bling to the dramatic colors for the traditional portion of the ceremony, and they work just as well against a monochromatic or pastel backdrop for the Western portion of the wedding.

Elegant Entrances Set the Tone for Upscale Events

Ending where your guests will begin, this dramatic scene setter and entrance shows how an event"s tone greets guests at the door. Particularly for events whose size requires a hotel ballroom venue, stunning entrances and large scale designs transport guests by changing the room look completely. This entrance uses large branches, crystal bead strands, large pendants, water pearls, and bling wrap to establish the event"s tone immediately.

We would love the chance to help you create dramatic events in venues that range from challenging to dreamy. Our bead curtains are simply the best in the industry, and we stock them in a huge array of colors and sizes. We can also custom order practically any configuration of bead and length that you need with short lead times that will make you think we had them in stock. Paired with chandeliers, bead strands, pendants, and other high quality Decor pieces, bead curtains set the tone for first class events, year after year.

Our customer service folks will work overtime to get the best pieces for your next event ordered, packed, and shipped wherever you need quality, durability, and elegance at the best price. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you find the Decor pieces that will create a dream wedding for your next bride.
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