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Artificial Echeveria Succulent Agavoides - 6" Red Tips

Item #: 144528
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4 inches
6 inches
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Item Description
Glorious Desert Succulents! Each seems to have its own personality with their unique characteristics, rich deep colors and quite a variety of elegantly formed leaves and spikes. No wonder we find them visually appealing but taking care of them can be a confusing task, not to mention a prickly one! Our line of Artificial Flora like this Echeveria Agavoides Succulent really doesn't need any care yet provides everlasting beauty! Each plant is 6" tall with a bendable stem and the large rosette is 4" wide. The gorgeous deep green color contrasts with the burgundy tipped leaves and looks just like a live growing succulent! The realistic shape and color is amazing and it's the perfect accent piece - it's exquisite by itself but makes a perfectly wonderful accent companion to other florals and succulents.

There is a minimum order of 2 plants.

Terrariums are the ideal vessel for arid, desert plants and the 2 just seem to belong together. For a clean, simple design, pot in vases with water jelly Decor and this lovely bloom also looks completely natural in wooden boxes filled with acrylic stones.

To create more extravagant centerpiece displays for garden parties and nature themed events, combine succulents with Metal Spheres to sit in main focal points or create your own overhead, hanging floral chandelier. Rustic and glamorous all in one!

Plants, greenery and florals add so much life and vitality and this is one plant that won't let you down! Used inside or out, you can rely on this large green rosette to provide year round enjoyment with no watering, mess or hassle! For weddings, events or everyday living, lighten your load, ease your planning concerns and feel good by choosing carefree, lush desert treasures!
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Artificial Echeveria Succulent Agavoides - 6" Red Tips
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