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Centerpieces with Party Potential|Setting the Scene for Your Summer Fling

Centerpieces with Party Potential|Setting the Scene for Your Summer Fling

Centerpieces are a fantastic way to make a statement throughout your party space while sticking to your planning budget. Whether you envision dramatic centerpieces that combine height, bling, and splashes of color or simple designs that carry your theme to every table, we love the way that centerpieces tie a room together.

For elegant simplicity, it is hard to beat a soft, neutral color palette like these Bird Cage Accents (main photo). We love the use of Tree Branches, bead strands and shells to repeat the nature theme with lots of texture and variety. With a little advance planning, tiny plants are an easy way to add a DIY touch to the hanging glasses or tea lights in the bird cages and across the table would add drama to an evening event.

For a truly dramatic centerpiece that floats above your guests’ conversations, the white branches in the 2nd photo add height and interest to clean, modern floral arrangements. Add Pendants, Ornaments or Beads for extra sparkle, or use them alone for a contrast against the soft floral base.

One of the most versatile centerpieces for smaller tables is also one of the simplest to design (3rd photo). Anyone can use these Hanging Candle Holders to create a variety of looks on a budget. We love them with classic tea light candles, and we have found an array of color options for the candle holders. Whether you choose colored or clear globes, these flexible tabletop centerpieces easily accommodate your choice of lightweight design elements, including Tea Lights, floralytes, or water pearls. For a more eclectic look, stagger several designs in these hanging stands and glass votives throughout your event.

As in the 4th photo, another of our favorite reusable centerpiece basics are these not too tall, clear glass vases. They are a go to item for party planners of all types, and they can be totally transformed from formal and fancy to funky and fun depending on what you use to fill them. We love a base of Water Pearls (last photo) or a simple combination of water, floating candles and Submersible LED's for extra interest in a darkened room.
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