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Delightful Details For Summer Weddings

Delightful Details For Summer Weddings

As wedding season heats up ~ literally and figuratively ~ we're musing on our favorite pretty, useful details that set a wedding apart from its sisters as they march shoulder to shoulder through the Saturdays of June. For us, a detail can justify itself on looks alone, but our favorites always seem to make life a little more comfortable for guests, or to add a touch of thoughtfulness that goes above and beyond. They add a little je ne sais quoi that cements some weddings in our memory, while the others seem to fade together just a bit.

If you've attended a summer wedding in the South, and you were offered one of these gorgeous Folding Fans, we're pretty sure that it ranks in your top ten of thoughtful details. Three words: Anderson, South Carolina. One accessory: pretty fans. Memorable. Gracious. Thank you.

Along the same lines, and sure to be a favorite with guests at your outdoor wedding or reception, are parasols. we've been sunburned an outdoor wedding or two (ten), and you can't beat parasols for stylish SPF. If you're tying the knot in the heat of the day, Parasols also serve as a pretty photographic prop for your wedding party. They can be angled to give just enough shade to make the light perfect for your bridal party photographs, and it's hard to beat them for romantic framing.

Along with favors that provide physical comfort, we also love favors that have some special meaning to the couple and their guests. And truthfully we love popcorn regardless of where it comes from, or why. These simple, rustic chic jars filled with caramel corn and tied with Decorative Ribbon are just the kind of thing that we keep long after your honeymoon is over. Well, the jar and the adorable tie. The popcorn is probably going to be gone before you get to the airport.

One of the most ingenious favors we've seen ~ they're totally hot right now, inexpensive, and so thoughtful ~ are these tiny terraria within Hanging Glass Globes. (We could say terrariums and still be correct, but since we looked it up, we went with fancy!) If you're looking for a larger vessel, try Geometric Holders which also work well as candle holders.

A new take on a great idea ~ we love medium sized or itty bitty Succulent Planters. They make great sustainable favors that keep on giving when your guests go home, and they would make equally lovely place card holders. And frankly, anything that uses this quantity of wine corks has to mean a good party is on the way.

We are looking forward to breaking out the seersucker and the linen handkerchiefs and glistening through another round of summer nuptials, and we can't wait to see what new details we add to our list of memorable favorites as a result of brides" creativity and graciousness. To make your wedding day special for your guests, these little touches hit just where pretty meets practical and they really do set your day apart.

Note: We do our best to give photographers credit for their images. If you know the source of any uncredited image on our blog or website, we would love to get an email so that we can attribute each image properly.
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