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Cherry Blossom Floral Spray "Wainani" - 28" Pink & Cream

Item #: 167016
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9 inches
28 inches
bendable||very full
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Item Description
Our Cherry Blossom Spray is 28" long and made with Soft Pink and Cream flowers. Hang it for Ceiling Decor or put it in a vase!

We know you're serious about your event Decor and we're serious about the quality of our products, our commitment to your satisfaction and our ability to make your Decor dreams a reality. Our extensive line of artificial silk flowers is a testament to our dedication of bringing joy and smiles to every bride, decorator and event planner. Products like our "Wainani" Pink and Cream Cherry Blossom Floral Spray continue to thrill and delight our customers, bringing them back for more.

Flowers are an essential player in any wedding or event and they must look picture perfect all day. Refreshing and yummy, Wainani is a dreamy blush pink cherry blossom spray that looks equally awesome displayed vertically or horizontally and you'll be amazed at how full it is!

Standing on end, the spray is 28" tall (of which 24" is the stem) then it gracefully curves into 3 gorgeous dangling cherry tree blooms that hang at different levels. Each blossom is 21" long by 3 1/2" wide at the base, tapering down to 2" wide at the tip. The base of each blossom is bendable so the spray can be condensed to 9" wide or spread out to approx. 16"! Make it as full or compact as you want and the flowers are stunning! Soft cream centers with pink rimmed frilly edges that completely surround each cascading bloom so this spray can be admired from any angle! Use upright in tall vases or inserted into the top of a pillar column. decorate a trellis, gazebo or pavilion. Create a flowered aisle and backdrop by attaching to a shepherds' hook or wedding arch. This dangling tropical spray creates an elegant, flowing look that's sophisticated and fresh with just the right amount of color.

From exotic ceiling decor to gorgeous centerpieces to tall floor displays, this silk floral spray can be used in so many ways and the delicate blooms are ideal for weddings, garden parties, beautifying events and freshening up home decor. Don't chance your most important moments on temperamental flowers that are expensive and a pain to deal with. Shop with us and be confident in your event decor choices!
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Cherry Blossom Floral Spray "Wainani" - 28" Pink & Cream
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