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Olive Branch Spray With Fruit _ 36" Bendable Greenery Branch

Item #: 143129
Item Specifics
20 inches
3 feet
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Item Description
3 Foot Tall Artificial Olive Branch Spray With Fruit, 6 Bendable Stems With Ripening Olives Adds Height, Interest and Fullness to Centerpiece Décor, Wedding Arches, Gazebos and Planters

At 3 feet tall, this Silk Olive Branch Spray with its long, slender leaves and ripening olives is a complete package when it comes to adding height, visual interest, fullness and texture to any floral arrangement. The bare stalk is 16" long with 6 upright stems in varying heights, full of distinctive olive leaves with life size olives, ripening near the tips. This spray can be as little as 8" wide or spread out to approx. 20" wide. The leaves are dark green and this world renown symbol of peace is an outstanding centerpiece and wreath filler as well as an easy addition to ceremony arches and backdrops.

We all love flowers which are an essential element for weddings, special events and everyday decor, but adding greenery enhances any display and completes the visual. Create stylish centerpieces or focal points by placing in Mermaid Shaped Vases along with tall silk floral sprays. The color of this spray complements darker colored flowers like our Purple Blue Cascading Wisteria while adding a nice contrast to lighter colored flowers like ivory and pink.

Top event planners and designers are taking advantage of every part of their venues by adding overhead floral chandeliers to completely surround guests in luscious natural foliage and this spray is an ideal addition for lavish draping designs or to fill out and cover a Ceremony Arch, which also serves as the perfect photo backdrop. Since our Roman Pillar Columns have 4 small cutouts on the top plate, this spray is an effortless addition while providing height and uniqueness.
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Olive Branch Spray With Fruit _ 36" Bendable Greenery Branch
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