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COMING SOON! Dogwood Blossom Branch - 44" Tall - Bendable - Baby Pink & Cream

Item #: 167042PINK
Item Specifics
9 inches
44 inches
tall||bendable||very full
Item Description
Baby Pink & Cream Blossoms Tree Branch 44" Tall Dogwood Spray with Fluffy Flowers and Bendable Stems

Ideal for black-tie affairs and weddings, our classy Baby Pink & Cream Silk Dogwood Blossom Branch is 44" tall, with 2" large blooms surrounding 3 stems and these fluffy, dreamy flowers make this spray a favorite of event planners and designers! No fuss and always elegant, the main stem is brown and 20" long, with 3 flowering stems measuring an additional 24" tall, 18" tall and 15" tall. With the 3 stems bunched together, this branch is approx. 9" wide or you can spread the stems for an even wider display or bend them for a draping effect. The exquisite flowers surround the stems and are viewable from any angle. The blooms have silky layers of petals with off-white centers and ruffly edges with touches of soft pink hues.

In addition to the substantial height, another impressive feature of this branch is the ability to showcase it upright or to bend the stems to create a draping effect which is a prime element for breathtaking floral chandeliers or to suspend from a Wedding Arch, trellis, banister or railing.

Quickly create stylish centerpieces or focal points by placing in Crystal Beaded Cylinder Vases. Transform a Pipe & Drape Canopy (with or without the sheers) into a dreamy floral gazebo by wire tying these branches to the poles.

This spray is so pleasing and fresh looking that it truly enhances any event, theme or party while allowing a stress-free, lost cost floral solution for you!
Customer Reviews
COMING SOON! Dogwood Blossom Branch - 44" Tall - Bendable - Baby Pink & Cream
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