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Burlap, Brooches, and Bling | Reception Tent as Outdoor Art

Burlap, Brooches, and Bling | Reception Tent as Outdoor Art

If you're recently engaged (hello, Valentine!), perhaps you're already considering what type of wedding venue will best accommodate your vision, your budget, and your guests on your big day. We love the versatility of tented receptions, and we can't wait show you how Tamara Wendt Design brings this neutral, natural look to an elegant indoor-outdoor reception.

As you can see in the photos, Tamara softens the angular lines of the tent by adding swags of sheer white fabric draped from the ceiling. These clever additions help make the structure of the tent disappear, while leaving the neutral background and the light that are among a tent's best features.

High florals combine cascading blooms with tall branches for an appealing display that fills the large space, while Jute Runners and Table Toppers combine with lower centerpieces, votives, and lanterns for a layered affect that pulls the room together without breaking the bank. We love the look of burlap and brooches to tie the blingalicious Candles and Candle Holders together with the natural vibe of the florals and table linens.

The view of the reception tent shows what light strands and a well placed stunner of a chandelier can do to complete the tent's transformation, and also the power of complementary centerpieces to unify the space without being too matchy-matchy. The lanterns are a great design staple that your wedding planner has (or can add) to his or her stash of reusable Decor pieces.

In the last photo, we just had to show you how amazing this tent looked after the sun set. The light strands and a single showstopper of a chandelier give the effect of a night sky. We often see and admire long rows of chandeliers, but this look is also very effective at less cost. Carefully arranging the light strands to draw the eye toward the Main Chandelier is an effective way to get the most out of your Decor budget. Another gorgeous wedding by Tamara Wendt Design.

Tent transformations are among the most striking work that designers do, just because everyone has seen what a bare tent looks like, and so can appreciate what a talented designer like Tamara Wendt have really done when they completely transport you to another place and time inside a formerly plain white tent.

If you've loved this look but are at a loss to know where to start, call our super helpful, real, live customer service representative at 928-855-6075. They are based in our warehouse, familiar with our inventory, and can recommend products, help you calculate how much you need of each "thing," and generally help you get the look that you need on the budget that you're sticking to. Best of all, our products are in stock and ship directly from our warehouse, so once you place your order, you'll know just when to expect all of your delicious goodies to arrive.
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