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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Beads are a Bride's Best Friend | Gorgeous Wedding Decor for the Great Outdoors (and Inside, too)
Beads are a Bride's Best Friend | Gorgeous Wedding Decor for the Great Outdoors (and Inside, too)

Beads are a Bride's Best Friend | Gorgeous Wedding Decor for the Great Outdoors (and Inside, too)

Wouldn’t you love to open up your Facebook newsfeed and see delicious images like this one every day? One of our favorite things about our work is seeing the ways that creative event designers and wedding planners use our decor items to create memorable events like this one for their brides and clients.

Recently, we opened up said Facebook newsfeed, and right there sparkling amid the status updates were some amazing “teaser” wedding photographs. Tamara Wendt of Tamara Wendt Design had created elegant indoor and outdoor spaces at the Short Hills Country Club using her incredible creative vision and lots of ShopWildThings decor, and the effect just jumped off the screen. We loved those first Facebook images so much that we tracked down the photographer, Rebecca of Rebecca Marie Photography and Design, so that we could feature their work here on our blog (main photo).

Prepare to be inspired.

First, the ceremony… One of the hardest things about wedding decor for outdoor ceremonies is framing the couple while complementing the natural beauty of the venue. In the 2nd and 3rd photos, two of the key areas, the aisle and the place where the couple will exchange vows, will be the most watched (and photographed) parts of the wedding. Tamara’s use of hanging chandeliers, sheer curtains, Crystal Bead Strands, candle holder globes and flower balls set the the scene for the bride’s entrance, the exchange of vows, and the couple’s first exit as Mr. + Mrs.

We love how Tamara struck just the right balance between pops of hot pink and sparkles of crystal against the lovely natural setting of the country club’s grounds. And the camera clearly loves the effect, too.

Moving the party indoors (4th photo), Tamara again shines as she creates a unique look for the ballroom, bringing the hot pink inside with lighting and floral accents. This sweet first dance moment took place on a cloud, against a glittering background of Chandeliers, bead curtains and bead strands suspended from the ceiling. In the closeup shot, you can see how the decor comes together to create a magical background for this stunning reception.

And one of the best things about decorating with Beaded Curtains, from both an environmental and a budget standpoint, is that they reflect light — so you can fill the room with gorgeous pink sparkle by using colored room lighting on clear bead curtains. At your next event, you can choose a completely different Color for Lighting and use the same bead curtains.

Finally, perhaps our favorite shot of this couple’s day (last photo) shows how an outdoor area can be completely transformed by the use of Paper Lanterns, hanging chandeliers and even lighting (hint: those aren’t colored fireflies). Imagine how surprised your guests will be when they visit a patio that they’ve had cocktails on dozens of times before, only to find themselves transported into a glittering outdoor lounge.

Our thanks go out to Tamara Wendt Design and Rebecca Marie Photography and Design for these images. All of the weddings and events designed and coordinated by Tamara Wendt are produced by A One Event Rental.
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