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They say that the clothes make the girl. We think you're fabulous no matter what you wear. BUT, if that's true, the toppers make the table! Turn a plain old card table into something magnificent with our splendid high quality Tight-Weaved Fringed Jute Table Toppers and Runners.

The Runners are 20" x 90" Whether you are crafting a tablescape that complements your farm-to-table cuisine or planning a wedding with a rustic vibe, jute is a fabric that you just can't miss. If you haven't used jute before, think of it as an upscale version of burlap - jute has a rich woven texture, is sustainable, and provides great value, but it is a bit softer and more refined than burlap. And frankly it smells more beach-rustic than working-farm-rustic, whereas burlap can be a bit stinky. Not exactly the rustic vibe you're looking for, though you might get points for authenticity. So basically, jute is a great go-to choice for homes and events, whether you are going rustic throughout, or just need a flexible, earth-friendly, natural fabric for accent elements.
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CLEARANCE! Topper Jute Fringed - Tangerine 60" Square - Tight Weave, High Quality
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