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This for Laurie to test with

Item #: 11111
Item Specifics
5/16 inch
35 inches
Item Description
Create spectacular décor by adding high intensity LED lights to your curtain! Each strip has 54 surface mounted LED's and fits perfectly on the header rod. The bright lights shine down and highlight the curtain, illuminating down the strands for maximum brilliance! You have 2 choices to make: Color and Power.

1. Your LED color options are Warm White or Pure White. Warm White has a softer hue, similar to candlelight while Pure White is brighter and it's....pure white! When ordering choose WW (Warm White) or PW (Pure White)

2. Your LED power options are Plug-In or Battery. The 12V adapter is 5 1/2' long while the battery option has a 7" lead. Your specific venue may be the deciding factor in which power selection you need. When ordering choose Plug or BO (Battery Operated)

The specific LED Light Strip Descriptions are:
Plug-In Pure White
Plug-In Warm White
Battery Operated Pure White
Battery Operated Warm White


1) Please make sure that you order one of this item for every curtain that you want us to add lights to (if you order 12 curtains, and all 12 should have lights attached, you need to order 12 of this item).

2) If you are ordering multiple curtain styles and only want certain ones to have lights, simply leave us notes in the Comments section during the check-out process. Alternatively, you may place your order over the phone. Call 928-855-6075

Please allow us an EXTRA 5 BUSINESS DAYS to get your Lighted Curtain rod shipped. We cover the rods to order, so they will go into our Custom Fabrication Queue. If you need your Lighted Curtain Rods to arrive by a certain date, please put a note in the comments of your order. We will do everything that we can to make this happen for you. If your order is particularly large and we need extra production time to "Light Up" your rods, we will get in touch with you right away. We take your orders seriously (ourselves not so much!)....

If we add lights to your curtain it is considered to be a custom item and is not eligible for return.
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Add Lights For Sparkle! Choose Warm White or Pure White + Plug-In or Battery Operated
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