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Pom Poms

Create a fresh, youthful effect at your next special event with tissue paper Pom Pom balls, available in wonderful colors from ShopWildThings. These lightweight Pom Poms are available in 12-inch and 16-inch sizes with four Pom Poms in each set. Each arrives folded, so just follow the instructions to fluff up to a round or half-round ball. Before you unfold them, trim with scissors for unique shapes or varied sizes.

Hang them from the ceiling by attaching each ball to sheer monofilament thread. Create airy centerpieces in a single color or multiple colors to fit your theme. Outdoors, hang inside tents or let them cascade from tree branches for a fairytale look.

Use our Acrylic Risers Lomey Column Kits as a centerpiece riser and place Our Tissue Paper Pom Poms on top to make a tall, adorable, affordable and quick table decoration! They are available in several heights. The dish on the top is perfect for holding a Pom Pom on top and the dish on the bottom is great for filling with treats!:

14" Lomey Centerpiece Riser             21" Lomey Centerpiece Riser             30" Lomey Centerpiece Riser

Our tissue paper poms also mix beautifully with our Tulle Poms!