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Our Top Wedding Trend Predictions

Our Top Wedding Trend Predictions

We've been reading the tea leaves [orders] and talking to the spirits [wedding planners], and we can't wait to share our predictions for this years top wedding trends. Whether you've got a rock and a date or are planning to start *planning* (a Pinterest board between friends doesn't count, right?) as soon as he pops the question, it's never too early to divine the most *divine* looks for next year's chic-est weddings.

Rose Gold
This metal has been around since forever, with flattering warm tones that fall somewhere between yellow gold and copper. It roared into jewelry stores in 2014, and it's taking over the engagement and wedding sections as we speak. We don't always love metal trends ~ no one wants her engagement ring to scream "2014!" from her finger ~ but in this case rose gold is a time tested metal that's getting some well deserved popularity. It flatters lots of skin tones, sets of a great diamond beautifully, and will be just as gorgeous at your silver wedding anniversary as it is at your paper one. (Sorry, y'all ~ the first year is paper... or a clock... and come to think of it, a rose gold watch would look pretty sweet with that rock.)

Tall (and Fabulous) Centerpieces
we've been seeing over-the-top (literally) centerpieces at celebrity and luxury weddings for some time, but we think that they'll make their way into "regular" weddings. Towering centerpieces using Candelabras and Florals (often dripping with crystal strands, pendants, and suspended candle holders to bring the height down without obscuring your dinner partners) are an effective way to achieve maximum impact from a limited number of pieces, and in any case we never argue against dramatic wedding reception Decor. If your budget is limited (and really, everyone"s budget is limited), we suggest creating the splashiest centerpieces that you can afford on a few tables and filling the rest with more modest ones for the most Wow! for the price.

We love the way that suspended glass globes and the tabletop mercury votives work together to create layers of candlelight. A luxury look that you can absolutely get on a budget. Place card holders are another place to make each guest feel special without breaking the bank.

Wondering how the ever fabulous Colin Cowie achieves such height in centerpieces like these? All you need is a Centerpiece Riser Kit and some bling. Speaking ofÉ..

Bling, Bling and More Bling!
We kind of love the rustic/traditional/vintage/bespoke feel that we've been seeing, but we expect more weddings to head in the direction of sparkle. we're seeing a spike in metallics, Beads, Crystal Ornaments and Pearls as embellishments for everything from place settings to centerpieces to cake tables. Add a metallic table cloth and mercury votives all around, and you have all the shimmering, sparkling Decor that you need for a cutting edge event. And as you might imagine, we're not complaining. Bling makes the world go "round, y"all.

Original Wedding Decor
Whether couples are choosing sentimental locations or top shelf destinations, we're seeing more and more people incorporating statement Decor pieces into their weddings. we're predicting that marrying symbolism and design impact in objects like Paper Lanterns, tissue poms, and bird cages will continue.

We can't wait to see our newsfeed light up as engagement season gets into full swing, and our surest prediction is that the year will be full of celebrations of lasting love. As always, we'd love to see your pictures ~ from engagement ring snaps to perfect wedding photographs.
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