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Transformative Chandeliers - Tamara Wendt Design

Transformative Chandeliers - Tamara Wendt Design

We preach the gospel of investing in statement pieces, especially for brides who are maximizing budgets and design professionals who are building a warehouse of core Decor items that they will use again and again.

Tamara Wendt is a genius at event design. She really owns the top spot in transforming event spaces with chandeliers, and we can't sing the praises of these great pieces ~ in the hands of someone who knows how to use them ~ loudly enough. Event designers are often challenged with the task of creating a dramatic focal point to serve as a ceremony space for an outdoor wedding. Tamara answers this challenge with a pretty, portable ceremony tent that provides a gorgeous backdrop for photograph after photograph of marriage vows. After the ceremony, it is easily broken down, with the core pieces being reusable for future events. That reusability is a win-win for brides and designers. Not to mention the planet.

In the closeup of the ceremony space, one Giant Chandelier can serve so many purposes in your event repertoire, as can those yards and yards of diaphanous cream fabric. (There's a reason that we call that chandelier the queen.)

Once the ceremony is over, guests will head to the reception, often with some time to take it all in before more wedding events commence. Working within the limitations of existing carpet, lighting, ceiling height, sprinklers, etc. is just a day in the life of a top event designer. We think that Tamara Wendt handled those details pretty well (major understatment), giving guests plenty to admire as they wait for the new Mr. and Mrs. to arrive.

Working with a restaurant that had good bones but perhaps not AS much glamour as this event required, Tamara added rows of beaded chandeliers, Suspended Bead Strands, pendants, and glass globes with florals. Adding candle holders in a variety of heights, and very sparkle-intensive (and reflective) table linens, she truly transformed this restaurant into a unique venue customized for this couple. (PS ~ those chair covers are pretty much a stretchy miracle for covering plain restaurant chairs.)

In this more rustic venue, lowering the ceiling height, leveling up the formality, and using the vertical dimension to its best advantage, Tamara wows us again. The exposed trusses disappear because her creative use of fabric drapes, crystal chandeliers, and orchid strands transforms the entire venue into an upscale, romantic space.

Employing a similar strategy in a very different space, Tamara again uses fabric swags and crystal chandeliers to change the entire look of the reception area. In this case, the ceiling is truly a challenge, with different heights and quite a bit of visible infrastructure in a space that gets tons of daylight.

Tamara uses the monochromatic setting and the light to great advantage, creating a bling-y ceiling that melds seamlessly with the existing Decor.

When the challenge is a standard issue hotel ballroom, those same crystal chandeliers work overtime. (Seriously, you've added crystal chandeliers to your shopping list by now, correct? They're a top contender for the most versatile, time tested, reusable pieces that we offer.)

In this functional but not exactly stunning venue, Tamara uses darkness to conceal the less appealing aspects of the ballroom, while she lights the chandeliers and the tables strategically to control the ambience of the reception. (Check out these LED Options to see just how easy and affordable it is to light crystal chandeliers.) The end result is a completely unique AND remarkable wedding reception created inside a standard issue ballroom.

Are you convinced that choosing high quality Decor pieces is the route to event design happiness, but still a little unsure as to where to start?

We pride ourselves on sourcing and stocking the highest quality event Decor pieces, ready to ship directly to you. We would be delighted to help you figure out the best pieces for your budget, career stage, and event agenda. As a small family company, we pride ourselves on knowing what is trendy, what is timeless, and how to help you get the best results on your budget.

Give our customer service folks a call at 928-855-6075, and let us help you decide what products will best serve you, whether you're updating an existing arsenal of high quality event pieces, or just starting to build your stock of reusable event design staples.
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