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Item Specifics
bendable||glitter||floor standing
Item Description
This stunning 9' tree will BLOW YOUR MIND! It's huge. We took photos of one in our ugly warehouse so that you can see the scale of this thing. You spread the branches to look the way that you like. Deck it out with all kinds of garlands, ornaments, flowers, feathers....or just leave it plain. It's THAT beautiful. The finish is blindingly bright silver glitter with additional larger octagon shaped holographic glitter pieces to add dimension. Have you seen the movie Twilight? You know how Edward sparkled in the sun? Eddie had NOTHING on this tree!

The glitter is glued firmly to the tree so you will not get covered in sparkles when moving or using it.

The base is a fantastic Silver as well, as are the small decorative rocks that are glued into the base.

When you spread the branches, they can reach out as far as 6'! As with all bendable trees, you must be careful when spreading the larger branches and move slowly so as not to damage the "knuckles". You don't need to be quite as careful with the smaller branch pieces.

This comes in two pieces. The tree has a steel rod in the bottom of it that you insert into the pot at the bottom. You can seal it with heavy clear glue if you want it to be permanent, or leave it as it is.

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