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Unique Lighting Solutions for Professional Event Designers

Unique Lighting Solutions for Professional Event Designers

Every so often, we run across events that show off some of our utility player pieces so well that we have to share the images with you. Great designers like Tamara of Tamara Wendt Design know how to use Decor items like these to keep costs under control while providing great service and a pulled together look for any event. Because we focus on providing extraordinary value at competitive prices, you can count on ShopWildThings pieces to last through many events, making them a long-term investment in your business and your reputation.

Tall Candelabras as Centerpiece Elements

Tall candelabras and tabletop candleholders work together in this romantic centerpiece that makes sense on a budget. This image shows an on-trend high-low centerpiece that commands attention without fresh florals or other pricey adornments. At the same time, the candelabras will accommodate florals where budgets permit, making them true winners in the flexibility category.

A closeup of the same long centerpiece shows how lanterns can be interspersed among votives for interest, texture, and added height variety. Another reusable, modern piece, lanterns are flexible enough to hold anything from found items with sentimental value to traditional or flameless candles, and they can"t be beaten when it comes to bang for the staple item buck. Double the impact with centerpiece mirrors.

Loads of Candlelight

A handful of tall, dramatic floral arrangements provide lots of wow! factor, and we love the point-counterpoint of tabletop vases complimented by hanging candle holders, all by the uber fabulous Tamara Wendt Design. With so many tiered candle holders in action and several stunning florals dotting this event, we are quite sure that this bride got the most from her budget through an intelligent combination of reusable lighting solutions and luxurious fresh floral creations.

Lighting Your Reception Focal Points

We often remark that it"s usually better to splurge in key areas than to try to spread fabulousness across every flat surface. We mean that choosing your focal points wisely is paramount both in maintaining fiscal responsibility and in achieving the maximum effect for the dollars spent. The cake table is a great way to spend wisely ~ it"s always going to be a focal point and one of the most photographed areas of the wedding. Why not make this vignette a showstopper with mercury glass votives and brooches at the base, and versatile metal spheres and grapevine balls with fairy lights above? The effect is lovely, echoes the romantic vibe of the reception, and is altogether budget friendly.

We would love the chance to help you build | or add to | your core of design pieces that work weekend after weekend, season after season, to make you look like the pro that you are. At a time when so many are jumping into the event planning and design field, you can separate yourself from the pack by offering access to a curated collection of the best design pieces, and we can help you assemble that collection. Whether you rent your pieces to your clients, or include them in your price structure, showing a stock of modern staple items is one of the best ways to signal that you are a true professional.

Our customer service folks work in our huge warehouse of in-stock products that are ready to ship wherever you need high quality and fabulous style. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you find the Decor pieces that will best serve your brides and clients.
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