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Las Vegas, Part Deux:  Curtains - Metal, String & Beaded

Las Vegas, Part Deux: Curtains - Metal, String & Beaded

We were so happy to have a camera along as we strolled through Las Vegas in May. We captured views of the city from The Stratosphere (and blurry shots of a couple of brave souls who were jumping from the top). We snapped away during a rare rainstorm, and of course we took some selfies with signature Las Vegas sites (and sights) in the background.

In addition to the natural wonders and The Strip, the Decor in this city was just dazzling, and we couldn't help taking photos of the creative uses of bead curtains, string curtains, metal chain curtains, Chandeliers, lanterns and more as we strolled through the city.

The baseline level of visual stimulation is pretty high throughout Vegas, and perhaps no venues are more saturated with light and sound than casinos, so it's no surprise that enterprising designers turn to products with wow! factor to spare when they dress these areas for success.

Ink + Bead Curtains = Fabulous

Starlight Tattoo in Mandalay Bay is eye catching for sure, with hip artists and ink-in-progress visible from the casino floor. What caught our eye, though, was the telltale sparkle of bead curtains inside.

Using an Iridescent Beaded Curtain as a divider between the retail area and the tattoo studio, Starlight Tattoo combined an upscale vibe with functionality. A custom look was as simple as cutting the bead strands to create just the right sized entrance into the tattoo studio.

Metal Chain Curtains Set this Lounge Apart

Creative space dividers turned out to be a hallmark of Las Vegas. With so much emphasis on showing you the fun that you "could" be having if you entered this shop/restaurant/lounge/show/casino, semi transparent, flexible room dividers were everywhere in Vegas. In addition to bead curtains, we saw Metal Chain Curtains to delineate spaces without obscuring them.

This lounge is set off by curtains, but string curtains would have been a cost effective, flexible alternative, and the chandeliers inside are some of our favorites.

Chandeliers + Lanterns Attract Shoppers like Moths to Light

We saw some of our favorite lighting in the MGM Grand. No surprise, really, that a Hollywood Motion Picture studio would know how to use light for the maximum desired effect. Moravian stars and illuminated lanterns are an imaginative, cost-effective way to attract and entice shoppers, and they're used really well in this shop entrance.

We truly loved our trip to Las Vegas, and the fact that we may have looked like super tourists as we did the aerial head swivel, taking it all in, was a small price to pay for the chance to see so much design fabulousness in one place.

We love to play "get this look" with our clients, so if you're inspired to try one of these innovative concepts but need a little help figuring out just which bead curtains to try, or how many metal chain curtains you need, or which chandelier is perfect for your event, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075. Our customer service folks know our products well, and they can't wait to talk to you about how to make the most of your space, budget, and vision. And once you figure out what you need, it's usually possible for us to ship it within days to your location because we stock most of our merchandise on site in our large warehouse.
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