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Luxurious Elevated Centerpieces Define Modern Upscale Weddings

Luxurious Elevated Centerpieces Define Modern Upscale Weddings

Chandeliers and Vases Anchor An Upscale Indian Wedding Reception
Gold metallics and Jewel Toned Florals, candlelit chandeliers on risers, and elevated Prestige vases work together to make this lavish Indian wedding a gorgeous event to remember. We love the gold, fuchsia, and purple tones, the way that the tablescapes’ colors and crystals echo the bride’s attire, and the magical overall effect of Yanni Design Studio’s inspired work.

This stunning effect originates with the strategic use of elegant centerpieces on every table to set a luxurious, spare no expense tone for the room and the event. A combination of chandeliers on risers, Tall Prestige Candle Holders, candles suspended from bead strands, and candles in tiered candle holders at the centerpieces’ bases work together to imbue the room with a vibe of modern, romantic elegance.

A slightly different view of the room (2nd photo) shows just how effective tall chandeliers are in this lovely ~ but potentially challenging ~ large space. By incorporating centerpieces that can hold their own in both numbers and scale, Yanni Design Studio has made the room’s size and architecture advantageous rather than an overwhelming while giving the guests plenty to look at on and just above seated and standing eye levels.

The Wow! Factor of Several Stunning Centerpieces Creates Great Design ROI
Return on your investment is the name of the game in any business, and event design is no different. A great firm like Yanni Design Studio will take the dollars invested in an event budget and maximize them by adding vision, experience, and customized versions of staple setups.

Knowing just how many of each item will produce the optimal effect is a key but little heralded skill that the best event designers bring to their events. Strategically located wow! centerpieces are truly budget maximizers, and chandeliers on risers are the basic building blocks of many of the best ones.

The tall centerpiece in the 3rd photo is based on a chandelier and riser system that can be used to create tons of different looks, week after week and season after season. With a floral topper and a complementary low belt of yellow florals, it is uniquely fitted to this wedding ~ just as it was at the event above with different florals and accents.

Prestige candle holders complete the look on this anchor tabletop, and a quick look at the tables in the background shows that it’s not at all necessary to give every table the same treatment to get the overall effect of luxury.

Finally, Fabric Swags add interest to the hotel ballroom ceiling, our (super easy!) pipe and drape kit camouflages the ballroom walls, and custom event lighting completes the room transformation.

Simple Elegance in a Trumpet Vase
Admittedly this is a place card table (4th photo), but you have to go with us on this one… A Clear Glass Trumpet Vase on a platform (ahem, cake stand) is the basis of SO many great centerpiece options. Add sumptuous florals if your budget allows, or branches and candles if you want impact on a budget. Incorporate candle holders in a variety of heights for romance, and voila ~ perfect for key tables, or replicated across many tables if that’s your preference and budget. We love to bring you the best ideas from the top designers in the industry, and we hope that they inspire you as much as they inspire us. Yanni Design Studio is truly one of the best in the business, and their work offers so much value for their clients in terms of customization, visual impact, and fidelity to the bride’s overall vision. Moreover, YDS maximizes the power of every dollar to provide a great visual presentation and guest experience, and they do it by combining flexible staple products with imaginative accessories and florals to provide the best of all possible design worlds.

We would love to help you get the staple event pieces that will make your business stand out in your market. Whether you are adding to a warehouse of marketable setups or just hitting the point in your business’ life where you can invest in great quality staple décor items, let us help you select the best assets for your business and get them packed, shipped, and in your hands fast.

Give our super friendly, knowledgeable customer service team a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you take advantage of decades (and decades, and decades) of wedding and event industry experience housed right in our Arizona warehouse.
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