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Awesome Flower Wall Backdrops - Transform Drab into Breathtaking!

Awesome Flower Wall Backdrops - Transform Drab into Breathtaking!

Faux Floral Walls: Wow! Factor without the Shocking Price Tag

We are always scouting out the hottest trends, and we looooooove to find the hacks that offer up-to-the-minute style along with equal (or greater) value, flexibility, and ease of use. Our faux floral walls hit that sweet spot of on trend design that is also affordable, user friendly, and able to stand up to event after event.

Brainstorming about an event that cries out for a wow! feature that doesn"t shock the budget? Enter our faux floral walls and greenery wall mats. We stock premade panels as well as individual blooms so that you can indulge your creative side, coordinate with any color scheme, customize the size, and bring home the look without dedicating the biggest part of your budget to live florals that won"t show up to work on Monday morning.

Wondering just how practical a floral wall is? Well, we do think that our flower walls can get by on looks alone. But if you want to assess their work ethic, we can make a great case for them as a diligent component of a well designed reception. Unless you don"t need a statement installation to anchor the ceremony, or a lovely backdrop for photos, or a way to hide that, ahem, not-so-lovely venue feature, or a unique step and repeatÉ Have we made our point? Flower walls have so many uses that we almost can"t contain our enthusiasm for them! They"re a showstopper or a flaw camouflager. Or both.

Betting that setting up a floral wall is a challenge ~ and not the good kind? Instead of devoting an assistant or three to individually placing live florals in frames, you can quickly install our faux panels using a pipe-and-drape setup or a DIY frame. Cut the mats for completely custom sizes, or assemble any number of standard panels to fit each event"s unique needs. Each panel comes with a frame that is easy to set up and fit together on site.

We even created a how-to video to show you exactly how assemble the panels and hide the seams. And, because faux florals are the ultimate in sustainable event Decor, you can sell this setup in different configurations across seasons" worth of events.

And the big one: Afraid that faux florals look fake and/or cheap? Really, we don"t mind AT ALL if you ask us very specific questions about price, value, and (ahem) whether faux florals look fake. We"re not ashamed to say that mixing faux and live florals is one of the best ways to get brides their entire wish list while sticking to their budgets. The key is to choose products that are well suited to their purposes. If you can swing it, we recommend live florals on tables and anywhere else that guests will have an opportunity to inspect the fabulousness. (We say the same about bead quality, but that"s another post.)

Once guests experience the glory of live blooms (think sight and smell), they won"t be inclined to inspect faraway elements like floral chandeliers and flower walls ~ and really, they won"t have the time or the vantage point to do so, either. Those slightly removed areas are the places to save a bit of cash and setup time, and we are delighted to bring you the event Decor products that let you do so without compromising the overall effect of live blooms.

But what if my bride really wants hydrangeas in December? Our better-than-real floral panels are never out of season, so if you have a bride who simply has to have hydrangeas , roses, or some other summer bloom at her Christmas/New Year"s Eve/Valentine"s wedding, floral walls offer the chance to include everything she wants without busting the bottom line to get her preferred flowers. Choose a bevy of her must have summer flowers in the form of our faux panels, include a few of her favorite stems in the centerpieces, and then fill in with less expensive live florals. You"ve offered your client the best of both worlds, on her terms. And that"s every client"s love language.

Have a full fall/winter event season booked and need some help allocating your dollars for new event Decor staples? Looking for a flexible wow! feature for a particular top shelf reception or gala? Doing your part for the world by offering your services to a charity gala, and need to keep your costs in hand while delivering a memorable experience? Want to think outside the box, but pressed for time and buried in to do lists? Let us help you find the best quality products for your real life event applications.

We work with some of the biggest names in the event Decor business, but at our core, we"re a small family business full of friendly people who like to help other small business owners. Whether you"ve got years of experience or are just beginning to make a name for yourself in your area, we would love to help you choose the staple pieces and on trend additions that will take your business to the next level.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you place an order that will make your fall and winter events the talk of your town ~ and your target market ~ starting immediately.
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