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Product Spotlight:  Vintage Metal Signs

Product Spotlight: Vintage Metal Signs

We love finding products that are both current and timeless, and our expanded line of vintage metal signs definitely fits that description. Trendy enough to satisfy Style Me Pretty chic brides and timeless (and high quality) enough to last for years' worth of weddings and events... Vintage metal signs are high value, low cost statement pieces that look great in so many settings.

Modeled on the classic Philadelphia art installation, this replica LOVE sign is a classic wedding piece and an instant focal point. Light it up for a wow! factor at an evening reception, or go with this classic understated look ~ that is shoe shot worthy.

The ampersand is another go to metal sign for any wedding. We love it in combination with (lower cost) wooden or metal initials, or on its own.

One of our favorite uses of signs at weddings is to clarify what guests are to do, and when. A BAR sign is pretty clear, and we think that yours might be able to use one, too (maybe just a bit smaller one). (We really like the bistro patio lights, too.)

Another super versatile, attractive option, the straight (but still fun), lighted arrow can be paired with our Chalkboard Signs to tell your guests everything that they need to know to have a great time at your reception or event. Or an adorable chalkboard arrow is perfect if you need to point out a specific attraction or detail but don't need it written in lights.

Take a peek at our complete line of vintage lighted metal signs and our complete line of chalkboard signs. We're determined to be your one stop shop for all things fabulous in event Decor, and vintage signs are some of our favorite versatile pieces. So many event planners have requested these signs that we couldn't help but search out great quality, flexible options that will complement almost any wedding reception theme.

If you need help choosing just the right product, or placing an order that will absolutely be where you need it, when you need it, ready to wow your clients and their guests, give our knowledgeable, on-site customer service representatives a call at 928-855-6075 and let them assist you. You'll be glad that you did.
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