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Vase Light Base - 23 White LED's - 6" Diameter

Item #: 750127
Item Specifics
1 1/4 inch
6 inches
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Item Description
6" Decorative Vase Light Disc, Centerpiece Base Light with 23 LED's, Battery Operated Up Light for Wedding Centerpieces and Event Decor

Transform average floral designs into spectacular showpieces with this 6" Wide Vase Light Base that has 23 bright white LED lights! This sturdy base is large and has 6 scalloped edges making it a designer element all on its own. The base is 1 1/4" high – just right to elevate your floral designs and centerpieces, while providing a valuable function.

This base light requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and there is a toggle on/off switch on the underside. Clear centerpiece risers like Trevino take on an entirely different look with an up light and since LED's stay cool to the touch and last forever (almost!), this light disc will perform over and over for parties, weddings and special events.

Clear Glass Cylinder Vases filled with water pearls (or jelly décor), sparkling diamond confetti or feathers turn into stunning focal points with the simple addition of this vase light and it's a fantastic way to downlight a Table Chandelier.

The compact design combined with powerful LED lights make this one handy device to have around the house to shed some light on dark corners, up light a decorative tree or brighten up shelves and cabinets.
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Vase Light Base - 23 White LED's - 6" Diameter
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