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Coming Soon - Fancy Frame for Hanging Strands of Flowers "Giverny" 38" x 32"

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Hanging Frame with Wire & Vines 38" x 32" - Use to create Floral Designs

Have you seen those Pinterest boards where there are a bunch of beautiful people sitting around a bunch of beautiful stuff and there are a bunch of beautiful flowers hanging in seemingly mid-air? Well, we're going to let you in on a little secret. There are not little people holding those vines over top of those tables, and it's not some crazy secret. Frames and ladders of different types are suspended from the ceilings (or if it's an outside venue, wires and trees are sometimes used).

We love our pretty new Frame for this purpose. Create a floral design to hang over a table or another focal point in your room. Since this frame is so pretty, you don't have to use nearly as much filler.

When you use metal or PVC, you're going to have to attached MANY more strands of beads and floral to hide the ugly frame. This frame is BEAUTIFUL!

Use our pretty "Giverny" Frame with Wire & Vines, hang it over a table, and string some of these beautiful stems from it. Add some candle holders and you have an instant centerpiece that doesn't actually take up room on the table!

You can consider hanging: Our Artificial Amaranthus, Wisteria, Glass Candle Holders, Strands of Crystals, Butterfly Strands and more!

Of course, you can also hang this on the wall and make a creation. You might even use it as a "bulletin" board of sorts for home or events! What about having guests weave in little memories written on paper? The possibilities are truly endless!

- 31.5" x 38"

- Border is roughly 5.5" of real vines . We say roughly because it's natural and therefore not straight & even

- The background is roughly 22.5" x 28.5" and is made up of green & brown coated wires and very tiny cream, green and red/orange berries

- Border and background are attached to a dark brown metal frame that is 1/8" wide (very sturdy). The frame is hidden by the border and blends with the background. it's easily accessible to tie on natures" treasures.

- Spring/summer: attach palm fronds or ferns with bright flowers

- Fall/winter: attach fir and evergreen branches, pinecones, berries

- Other: grapes & grapevines or attach natural materials (vines, flowers) to spell out a message

- Hang on wall, set on easel, suspend from ceiling or set flat on table
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Coming Soon - Fancy Frame for Hanging Strands of Flowers "Giverny" 38" x 32"
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