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Ceiling Decoration Set "Araminta" White Metal Framework 3 Feet & 4 Feet

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17 inches
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Item Description
Hanging Ceiling Decoration Set "Araminta", White Metal Framework With Ornate Cutouts, Multiple Configurations

Nowadays at indoor wedding and event venues, ceilings are receiving a lot of attention and our "Araminta" Ceiling Decoration Set is the kind of decoration that receives a lot of praise and adoration! Araminta consists of 12 pieces of white metal framework with ornate cutouts. Six pieces are 35 1/2" wide by 12" long with scrollwork detailing on the top and bottom while the other six pieces are 47 1/4" wide by 17" long with a straight top edge and a scrollwork bottom. As seen in the main photo, you can hang the pieces to form an inner and outer ring or as in the 2nd photo, you can hang the pieces to form a different shape. Not just for the center of a room, use Araminta to give that finishing touch to corners, over entryways or anywhere you need a spectacular focal point! Please note that multiple sets were used for these photos.

At the edge of every piece are attachment points to fasten one piece to the next. Of course there are a variety of ceilings and this set will need some sort of truss, beam or grid work from which to hang. Heavy duty wire ties can even be used to attach the pieces to the ceiling.

Araminta is a very elegant and unique ceiling element by itself, but when combined with hanging florals and greenery, it creates the most awesome, fashionable, hanging garden anywhere! Create an overhead tropical feeling by hanging luscious leafy garlands and vines or hang colorful flower garlands for a botanical garden effect. Twinkling fairy light strands, sparkling beaded crystal strands and glittery butterfly garlands also add a sensational visual element while providing depth.
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Ceiling Decoration Set "Araminta" White Metal Framework 3 Feet & 4 Feet
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