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Item #: 117023
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Item Specifics
1 inch
2 inches
Item Description
We feel that just about any type of material or ribbon can be brought to life by adding a little glam and this elegant pearl and rhinestone brooch is absolutely up to the task! This diamond shaped brooch is 2" by 1.5" and can be displayed vertically or horizontally - whatever you need. Pin on burlap goodie bags, chair sashes, curtains, table covers and runners, pillows or use as a napkin ring. The pin clip is large enough to encircle material .25" thick and could easily convert a simple table covering into a classy setting by using the brooch to ruche the material. Just look around and you're sure to see something that needs a bit glam!
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SALE ! Brooch Favor Decor - 1" x 2" Diamond Shape - Rhinestones & Pearls
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