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BLOG! Wedding Centerpieces : Vases, Floral Sprays, Candles

BLOG! Wedding Centerpieces : Vases, Floral Sprays, Candles

We are all about centerpieces, and we can"t resist bringing you some tabletop ideas that are definitely in the Go Big or Go Home category, but that still check the “affordable" and “sustainable" boxes on your must have list. By using larger (and therefore fewer) pieces, inexpensive detail elements, and plenty of sparkle, these utility players make your tables shine while keeping your budget firmly in hand.

Chandelier Centerpiece Kits

One of the simplest ways to get plenty of bling on a budget is to start with our centerpiece kits. Our kits are great for DIYers and new event design pros alike, because they include everything that you need to create gorgeous centerpieces. Use the kits just as they come, or as building blocks in combination with centerpiece mirrors and candle holders for a layered look. Add LED lighting to change their color and to add drama to an evening reception. However you deploy them at your event, centerpiece kits make event setup fast and easy.

Reusable Floral Trees, Branches, and Sprays

Another way to get the most from your wedding budget is to limit or skip fresh florals ~ and our reusable floral trees, branches, and sprays will make it possible for you to do just that without giving up the drama that natural elements provide. Our faux tree and floral products look (and in most cases feel) so real that your guests will likely not notice the difference. You can use our branches and sprays to expand floral arrangements on a budget, or to replace fresh florals entirely. Add bead strands and suspended votive holders for extra sparkle and light.

Centerpiece Filler Elements

Budget friendly detail elements are another way to get the most from your Decor budget without skimping on your look. We have lots of small tabletop Decor pieces and filler elements that will give you the splashy look that you want without taking your wedding budget underwater. Many a lovely centerpiece has been made entirely of centerpiece mirrors and tabletop candle holders for a romantic look at a sweet price. Fill the bottom of your vases with diamond or pearl container fill for an elegant look.

Whatever your wedding budget and taste, we have the best quality products to make the most of your Decor dollars. We also employ the absolute friendliest and best customer service folks in the industry, and they"re waiting in our huge warehouse office to help you figure out what ShopWildThings products you need, how many pieces it will take to get the look you want, and how best to ship everything to you conveniently and quickly. Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and let us help you get the most for your event budget.
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