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Wedding Trend Watch - Fresh Ideas

Wedding Trend Watch - Fresh Ideas

Engagement season unofficially kicked off a little early for us this year! Two adorable 20-somethings we keep up with got engaged, complete with a stealthily photographed proposal and some of the happiest pictures you've ever seen of two people in love. Well, we've ever seen ~ I'm sure your newsfeed will have some soon if it doesn't already.

For the less wedding-focused/obsessed, the high season for engagements is the time from Thanksgiving (Columbus Day?) to Valentine's Day when rings are bought, knees are got-down-on, questions are popped, and fingers are blinged at a rate that makes the rest of the year seem, well, a little boring by comparison. If you're wedding obsessed. Which we are.

And all of these proposal pictures, from pro pics to giddy selfies, have already whetted our appetite for the weddings of 2014. We love getting an advance look at THE LOOKS that will grace weddings in the coming season, and we love sharing a little inside track here, too.

We admit to being a little obsessed with wedding gowns in general, and this year's trend toward beaded gowns is one that we will be thrilled to see coming down many aisles in 2014. Brides who want to repeat the patterns found in their gowns in their decor have so many great options ~ from Chandeliers to custom and DIY embellishments made of Bead Strands, Pendants and even beading worked into place settings. Choosing bead shapes and tones that are similar to those in your dress's beadwork is a subtle way to unify your most important decor elements with The Dress.

And speaking of beads, one of the most robust trends that we’ll see rev into high gear in 2014 is the use of Chandeliers as a way to add luxury, individuality, and of course light to reception venues. It’s really true that nothing changes the look of a space more thoroughly than the lighting, and clearly designers are geniuses at matching the look that you love with lighting that evokes just the right ambience. (We can’t resist mentioning that this sort of heavy hitting decor is among the best reasons to hire an event designer ~ their ability to invest in staple pieces like chandeliers is just one example of the ways that they can save you more than the cost of their services while delivering a smoother and more beautiful wedding day.)

As anyone with a Pinterest account knows, ombre was going strong in 2013, but in 2014 we expect to see more sophisticated uses of this layering of color in cakes and florals. Ombre is a great way to tie a color palette together while emphasizing one or two key hue. Warning: This is one of those trends where a little goes a l-o-n-g way! We recommend choosing bridesmaids’ dresses or the cake or the florals, but not all three.

Burlap and Lace is a trend that is going strong for weddings that range from vintage to rustic to natural aesthetics. This trend is one of our picks for being so-o-o-o budget friendly without looking like you cut corners anywhere. Except on the fabric of your table runners, of course, because one of the best things about burlap and jute is that you can embellish it easily with everything from stencils (new monogram, anyone?) to lace to a decorative edge cut right into the fabric, or use it on its own.

Whether your wedding vision requires layers of beads, crystals, and bling, or your nuptials will take place against an understated palette of natural florals and burlap, we know that 2014 has some elegant receptions in store. We can’t wait to see how you and your event planner personalize these hot design trends for a spectacular celebration that is uniquely yours.
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