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Hydrangea & Plumeria Bouquet Spray - Ivory 38" - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!

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9 inches
38 inches
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Item Description
38" Long Ivory Artificial Floral Spray, Hydrangea & Plumeria Bouquet, Bendable Flower Shoots with a 5" Main Stem, For Wedding Bouquet or Centerpieces

Silk flowers have come a long way in appearance, feel and price and our Ivory Hydrangea and Plumeria Bouquet Spray features not only a group of Hydrangea Blooms that can form a bouquet, but it also has 2 cascading strands of the beautiful Ivory Plumeria Flower! End to end, this spray is 38" long and with all 6 floral shoots held together, it's a minimum of 9" wide. All the shoots are bendable so you can adjust the width as you need. There are 4 Hydrangea blooms coming off the 5" long main stem, and 2 cascading Plumeria strands that gracefully waterfall down about 33". These flowers are a very light ivory - almost white.

Since all of the 6 shoots are bendable, you can bunch them together to form a bouquet or spread them out as you wish. This silky spray is a dream to work with and you can easily wrap the main stem and your bridal bouquet is ready to go! The large hydrangea leaves add a very nice touch of green and supplements the realistic look. If you'd like a bit more sparkle, just add some Crystal Strands in clear or choose the color that matches your event.

Clean and classy table centerpieces never go out of style and an elegant look is to place this spray into a 16" or 18" tall Eiffel Tower Vase. Add instant glamour to any room by using this spray on an Adjustable Centerpiece Riser. Create a tropical paradise by fashioning an overhead garden by attaching this spray to a framework or hang from a trellis, pavilion or any overhead structure. The main stem is bendable, making it very easy to simply hang this spray virtually anywhere!

Another great feature of silk flowers is that your bouquet becomes a memorable keepsake to treasure or to reuse in a floral display. Having sophisticated flowers at your event doesn't have to break the bank. Simply start with our quality floral products and you'll save time, money and eliminate the cost and hassle of dealing with real flowers.
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Hydrangea & Plumeria Bouquet Spray - Ivory 38" - BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!
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