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COMING SOON! Fringe String Columns - White - 4' Diameter by 7.3' Long

Item #: 999103
Item Specifics
88 inches
4 feet
Item Description
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If you've been searching for items that can fill a lot of air space and fill it with style and class, your search is over! ShopWildThings has fabricated this ritzy White Fringe String Column that's over 7" long and it looks absolutely amazing!

This column is constructed from a heavy duty circular frame that's 4" in diameter and then we embellished it with 4 of our beautiful white string curtains. it's really fabulous and this column makes event planning a real joy - all the hanging hardware is included so you can use this right out of the box! The String Curtains (photo below) are made from the highest quality Rayon Viscose which is silky and elegant! The curtains have 18 strings per inch and you can just feel the quality of this fabric. You can even trim them and not have to worry about fraying!

For weddings and events as well as for retail spaces, tent, trade shows and even outdoor events, these columns add a luxurious touch with little effort! You could use a light kit to illuminate the column from the inside or to really kick up the class, consider hanging a chandelier with light kit in the middle of the column! This column weighs 15 lbs. and we also have this column in a 3" diameter ring.

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COMING SOON! Fringe String Columns - White - 4' Diameter by 7.3' Long
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