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COMING SOON! Greenery & Ivory Flowering Weeping Tree - 6.5 Feet Tall

Item #: 167034
Item Specifics
6 feet
6 1/2 feet
very full||sturdy||branches bend
Item Description
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Weeping Leafy Green and Ivory Flowering Tree 6.5 Feet Tall by 6 Feet Wide, Easy Assembly, Bendable Branches

Elegant and splendid, our Greenery & Ivory Flowering Weeping Tree is 6 1/2 feet tall by 6 feet wide and loaded with leafy stems and dreamy cream flower shoots. This tree is loaded with 10 main branches with varying shades of green leaves and 20" to 24" of weeping silk cream blossoms. All of the smaller branches are completely bendable so this can actually be shorter than 6 1/2' tall. The trunk is textured like real bark, with grooves, knots and bumps and the color is spot on! The trunk is attached to a 9 3/4" square metal base with 4 holes to secure to the floor or a platform. The 10 main branches are identical and have a metal housing on the end which simply slides into the square holes on the trunk and the look is completely seamless! In 5 minutes, you can assemble this tree and spread out the bendable branches for eye-popping decor! This tree weighs 18lbs.

Trees are one of natures' best gifts and a flowering tree brings energy and is visually pleasing and calming to the soul. Add some butterfly garlands or hang Firefly Fairy Pearl Lights for a dazzling nighttime effect. For special events, create a lovely focal point, use as a picturesque photo backdrop or place on a corner table to really create outstanding decor. For restaurants, stores, hotels or large venues, this tree adds color, vitality and gives a romantic garden feel. This size is also ideal for a sunroom, foyer or covered patio. Add some Fairy String Lights for extra scrumptousness!

From top to bottom, this is a quality made tree and at 18 lbs, it's easy to move around but you can also permanently install it. For sensational wedding and event decor, we work hard to get only the best so that you get only the best and our line of decorative green and flowering trees are exotic and yummy from top to bottom!
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COMING SOON! Greenery & Ivory Flowering Weeping Tree - 6.5 Feet Tall
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