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Spray - Wisteria 66" - Cream Flowers - Perfect for Draping!

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3 1/2 inches
66 inches
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Item Description
Wisteria - even the name sounds romantic and dreamy - just how your special day should be! Keep it stress-free and dreamy by using our new Wisteria Spray with Cream Flowers that's an amazing 66" long! Details, schedules and budgets - these can be event nightmares but our gorgeous artificial spray loaded with creamy, dreamy blossoms will take away all the stress associated with floral arrangements. No wilting, withering, watering or worrying about costs. The entire spray is bendable and the flowering portion is 3 1/2" wide by 34" long with an additional 32" of flexible stem.

We love hanging these over tables and mixing them with hanging candle holders, draping from wedding arches, staircases, balcony railings and pot shelves or simply laying them down the center of a table.
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Spray - Wisteria 66" - Cream Flowers - Perfect for Draping!
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