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Whether youíre hosting a special event, adding some flair to your home dťcor or helping create an amazing set for a movie or play, our extensive inventory of hanging beads, beaded door curtains, and other decorations is sure to have exactly what youíre looking for. Are you going for over-the-top glamor? We have beautiful crystal ceiling drapes and columns that will add the wow factor you need to make any A-lister feel right at home. Are you looking for that exotic, beachy local vibe? We have a large variety of shell curtains that transform any space from same old to a sought-after destination ó even if itís local. Our painted bamboo curtains come in a wide variety of patterns from natural to the psychedelic to floral to tiki, making them a versatile and fun beaded curtain choice for almost any room. Our natural wood beads keep a down-to-earth vibe while chain door curtains add a chic, industrial flavor.

Our selection of high-quality door beads doesnít end there. If you have something specific in mind ó or donít know which one of our beaded curtains would best suit your needs ó we invite you to have a conversation with one of our team members. Our staff is friendly and ready to answer any questions that youíre ready to throw our way. Theyíll work with you to ensure that youíre purchasing the right product for your needs, whether itís to accent a space in your home or to make a special event truly spectacular. And with our extensive bead curtain inventory, weíre confident that weíll find you the right match. All it takes is matching your imagination with our expertise. Also, you wonít have to worry about installation. All of our products are really easy to install. If you run into a snafu, donít hesitate to call us.

Even though we pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive inventories of beaded curtains, every once in a while, we find that we donít have what the customer is looking for. If you browse our inventory and find yourself in the same predicament, call us about our custom options. And if you waited until the last minute, thatís not a problem. We can get custom orders done quickly so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Even better, the options donít stop at our hanging door bead selection. We have everything you need to put your event together. This includes beautiful lighting fixtures that might have your guests literally swinging from the chandeliers. We have garlands and pendants for those finishing touch details. We can help you compose the wedding of your dreams with our wide variety of centerpieces, chair bows and other wedding essentials. We can help keep your guests comfortable with canopies and mosquito nets. We can bring the Ď70s back with one of our disco mirror balls. Enjoy browsing our inventory and rest assured knowing that when you shop at ShopWildThings, youíll be shopping with experts who will ensure that your event, set or decorating project goes seamlessly and lives up to your vision.
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