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Jump Ring Beaded Curtains

Our hand-strung beaded curtains are beautiful and versatile. A barely visible hole is drilled into the top and bottom of each bead. The gorgeous beads are attached to each other with delicate jump rings. Our 1' wide curtains are the perfect accent piece for small side walls and entryways or you can create more width by placing two curtains side-by-side. To shorten, simply remove jump rings until you achieve your desired length. To lengthen, purchase an extra curtain and use strands from the extra to add length by connecting jump rings. You can also custom-order your decorative bead curtains.

jump ring beaded curtains

Jump Ring Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains strung with jump rings have many nice features including being able to easily add or subtract length and the bead strands tend to have more movement since the rings allow the beads to hang freely. The jump rings are actually small split rings (like a key ring) that feed through tiny holes drilled into the top and bottom of each bead.

Most of our beads are high quality acrylic specifically formulated to stay crystal clear, but we also have real K9 crystal beads whose clarity is phenomenal! All of our beads are faceted for maximum shine and the shapes include diamonds, emeralds, octagons, ovals, teardrops and raindrops.

We also use the jump rings on fireproof PVC Kate and Spangles Round Beaded Curtains as well as our fireproof PVC Shimmy Squares Curtains so these too are very easy to add or subtract length from the strands.