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Go for the glamour with our gorgeous ostrich feather decor at ShopWildThings. Create a colorful centerpiece from real ostrich feathers bleached white or dyed turquoise, fuchsia pink, light pink, yellow gold, purple, orange or apple/lime green. No two ostrich feathers are exactly alike, so every focal point you create with these stunning decorative touches will be an original. Add exotic flair to a flower arrangement. Dress up tabletop decor for that big gala. Create unique looks for movie sets.

Our economical ostrich spads are from the wing portion of the ostrich, and we carry only premium quality spads. Because they are immature, some can be sparse at the tip, while others are completely full at the top. We carry a large variety of spad colors, mix and match for stunning headpieces and costumes. Just trim with scissors to the size you want to blend in with your table decorations or other decor. Please note that we cannot accept returns on these delicate, natural ostrich feathers.

We carry affordable ostrich spads in lengths that will range from about 29 inches to 32 inches each. The width or spread of each feather you order will be approximately 7 inches. Our white ostrich feather spads will each range in length from 23 inches to 26 inches. Because they are thinner than mature plumes, bleach absorption will vary. Some will appear white, while others will appear off-white in color. We think the range in shades only adds to the all-natural appeal of these white ostrich spads.