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Diamonds Crystal Beaded Curtains- ShopWildThings

Diamonds Crystal

ShopWildThings #1 Quality for Sparkle & Shine!


Diamonds Crystal Acrylic Beaded Curtains by ShopWildThings are an event-planners dream! If you're throwing a special event and nothing but pure and classic sophistication will fit the bill, our line of diamond beaded curtains is sure to delight you. We make them with high-quality acrylic material, which does make a difference in the final product. Our exacting standards for materials ensure that the overall effect when you use our products is one that exudes class and quality; we would never sell something that would cheapen your special event. Would you like your guests to see different colors? All you need to do is shine a different light on them! And then your gorgeous crystal curtains will easily reflect whatever hue it is you're reflecting off of them. Our crystal curtains come standard as 3 feet wide and range from 6 feet long to 24 feet long, but we are more than happy to make you any customized size that will help you achieve the effect that you're envisioning.